It's Okay Not To Be Okay

Thursday, 27 December 2018


I have always been an open person, but when it comes down to how I really am feeling, I find it hard to say out loud, however I always find it easier said and done over text and social media. I'm not sure why, maybe because I can't see anybody'd faces and see their reactions, and that makes it a lot easier.

You're probably reading this because you suffer with mental health issues, you're having trouble loving yourself, or you're just feeling a little low. I want to write this post, not to talk all about me, but to help you in some way.

Going back to school and college. I always felt like I never belonged anywhere, I felt like no one wanted me in their friendship group. I was bullied...not badly but still, it wasn't very nice. I was very gullible and took everything to heart, if people laughed at me for believing something stupid, I was embarrassed and I thought and believed I was stupid.

At 15 I started to feel really low, I didn't want to exist and I felt like nobody loved me. No idea why I felt that way, I don't remember much from my childhood unfortunately, especially when it came to school and college, it's like my mind wants to block it all out. There was something I regretted the most and that was not telling anyone how I was feeling. I kept it all in, which I bought out in anger. The mood swings were unreal. I lashed out to the few friends I had at school and at home to my family.

5 years later I was sat at home with my Mum, and I got really upset and started crying and just came out with it all. I was angry and jealous that my brother was getting all the help he needed yet I'm sitting there pretending I'm okay. She told me to phone up the next morning for an emergency doctors appointment which I did. Personally I wished the appointment went better. The doctor told me I wasn't depressed enough to be on anti-depressants and to have counselling. I also have trouble eating, he looked me up and down and said I looked fine.

I applied to have counselling but straight away refused to go ahead with it. I felt like I was wasting time and I was embarrassed to get some help. A few months went by and I just felt worse about myself, causing thoughts in my head, harming myself, I won't go into too much detail. I went back to the doctors with my Mum because I wasn't feeling so great. This time round a different doctor. She really listened, and my Mum mentioned my depression. The doctor gave me a leaflet for counselling, but to go somewhere different.

Weeks went by and I told myself to just send my details in, see what happens. 6 months later I started seeing a therapist, and it is the best thing I've done. It was a 6 week session, but she asked if I needed more, I have 3 sessions left out of 12. At first I was angry and felt as if it wasn't helping, but I stuck to it and I'm so happy I did. I don't get those thoughts in my head anymore, I've been a year clean from self harm and I don't get up every morning wishing time away. My therapist also said if I wanted too, to be on anti-depressants but that was down to me if I wanted to or not. I'm not saying having therapy fixes all your problems, but it makes you see a whole different side to things and it's nice to talk to a stranger about things.

It's okay not to be okay!

- I've learnt not to take everything to heart, if there is an issue, take a step back and breathe. Do not jump to conclusions.

- Put yourself in the deep end. I didn't mention about my social anxiety because my story would be very long, and I didn't want to bore you, I just wanted to give you a little update to what is going on and how I overcame and are overcoming things. When you're anxious, you're going to avoid that situation, am I right? For me it was going into town on my own to buy myself some milk for my cup of tea. I avoided this for so long, which I find the more you avoid things, the worse it'll be over time.

I put my shoes on and I marched straight up into town on my own, and almost ran back home. That walk home felt like ages because I couldn't wait to get back to my safe place. But I did it. I did it the second time, the third time and it got easier. Now I don't mind going out to town on my own. Don't get me wrong, I still have my bad days but been having more good days. So yes, throw yourself into a situation you would avoid the most, it does get easier, maybe take a friend with you.

- Learn to love yourself. This is so so hard, but accept the person you are today. Mental health is nothing to be ashamed of, or if you're just feeling down here and there. It's okay, no one is judging you. Nobody is perfect. Look in the mirror and tell yourself you are beautiful, you have a great personality and everybody loves you.

- To get help when it's needed the most. I refused help for a long time, suffering 5 years in silence, I wished I did it differently, but it's never to late to get the help you need. I didn't want to go for the anti-depressants because I found my counselling was helping enough. It's still something I'm considering. But if you are someone who is suffering also, talk to someone, whether it's family, friends, your GP. If someone doesn't accept you for you, you don't need them in your life. I'm sorry but you don't need that negativity.

- Take some you time. This is so important. I found going off social media for a week helps refresh your mind. On social media these days are full of negativity, food posts and a lot of bitchy comments on Facebook over petty things. So I find taking yourself away from it all, and doing other things such as reading or going out for a morning stroll can be great and therapeutic for the brain.

- Set yourself goals. This can be motivating when you don't have any motivation at all. Your goals don't have to be met in the week, or next month. These can be life goals. This helps you have a positive mind.

- Don't be so hard on yourself. If something doesn't go right or you got up late when you wanted to be up early to complete tasks, don't be so hard on yourself. Tomorrow is a brand new day, it'll happen on another day.

Ways To De-Stress And Wind Down

Wednesday, 26 December 2018

There is nothing more relaxing than winding down on those really stressful days, doing a mini pamper to make you feel good and having a good nights sleep so you can wake up feeling refreshed.

1. Set the atmosphere - Rather than having bright ceiling lights on, dim the lights and light some candles. Maybe put some relaxing music on too.

2. Take a bath or a shower - I love to do this first. It makes me feel so relaxed and refreshed. Once I get out the shower I love to smother my body in lotion, put on comfy pj's and my fluffy dressing gown and sit in my clean fresh bed.

3. Write it down - If you're head is filled with a million things, going round and round, write it down. I've been doing this lately and it helps a lot. I put everything in lists, bullet points and tick things off, any reminders for upcoming events, what I need to do for the next day. Try it if you haven't done it yet, let me know if it works for you.

4. Distraction - Now I know this can sometimes be hard, which is why I mentioned writing things down first to hopefully get you in the right head space. I like to either watch some Netflix in bed with my favourite drink, read a book, listen to music or play some games on my phone.

5. Go for a walk - This is something I like to do a lot. If I can't sleep and I get restless, having too much on my mind, I go out for a walk to my local park. Just me, myself and I, and normally I like to phone my best mate, Ben for a long chat, poor guy must be getting sick and tired of me phoning every night, haha! Just kidding, that's what friends are for, vice versa.

6. Talk to friends and family - That is why I mentioned about me phoning a friend. I find that talking to someone about what's going on, how you are feeling or any problems you have makes you feel a lot better. Yes, maybe they wont have an answer for you, this can be pretty frustrating especially when you need an answer to all your problems, but I find talking about stuff can feel like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders. I used to feel like I never wanted to talk to my friends because I felt like I would be bugging them, but remember, you would listen to them if it was the other way round, and if they really didn't want to listen, they wouldn't be your friend.

Top 5 Beauty Products I Cannot Live Without

Friday, 21 December 2018

I am a huge shopaholic. If it's not clothes, it's makeup. And if it's not makeup, it's hair products.
Constantly having new products each month on my shelf, and some empties too where I tell myself I need to buy that again. So I thought why not share with you some of my beauty faves this month.

Max Factor Primer

Normally I don't wear primers, only because I'm lazy, but my Cousin gave me a small bag of new makeup she didn't want and this was in there, and I thought why not give it a go. It makes a huge difference making my foundation look so much smoother, creating a smooth layer between moisturiser and foundation. Now it's something I can not miss out in my makeup routine. I literally get annoyed with myself when I forget to put it on as I'm smothering my face in foundation.

Eyeko Lash Alert Mascara

Long, thick eyelashes is a must for me. I can't get the hang of false lashes so I like to make my eyelashes as long and thick as I can, and this mascara does just that. Yes, you do need a few coats to build it up but what I love most about this mascara is, not only does it have a curved wand to make it easier to grab those little eyelashes, it covers every single one of them too, which is a extra bonus, well for me anyways.

Nars Sheer Glow Foundation

This foundation has been my everyday wear and has lasted me a good few months. It's a water based foundation so you only need a tiny drop, as a little really does go a long way. I find it gives the skin a lovely, healthy radiant look. It's not a full coverage but it is buildable which you have to really buff into the skin, and it comes in 20 shades. The only thing I'm slightly disappointed with is that it comes in a 30ml glass bottle, and no pump. Yes, you can buy the pump separately, but I'm just being fussy and rather it came with one anyways. Overall, it's my most favourite foundation so far.

Maybelline Tattoo Brow Pomade

My brows are...not so flawless. Especially without makeup. This product has saved me from embarrassment. It comes with an eyebrow brush, which is the best brush I've used so far, with a spoolie on the end. The pomade itself is waterproof and easily glides on with it's creamy texture. A little bit goes a long way, and you can build it up to how bold and extra you want your brows to be.

Colourpop 'I Think I Love You' Eyeshadow Palette

Oh my goodness, where do I start. This palette is always in my makeup tutorials on my YouTube channel, simply because I just can not get enough. I wished they did Colourpop in the UK so it was so much easier to get hold of. Anyways...the palette.

Not only is the palette highly pigmented, so it gives your eyes that extra pop, the colours on this palette is suitable for all seasons, so I think anyway. You have the browns and golds for Summer, gold and reds for Winter or vice versa. Not just that, it has some glittery shades in there too. I'm a gal who loves her glitter. Lastly, it's easy to blend and you don't need a lot of the product because of how pigmented it is. This also is in my everyday wear, I like to go for the browns and golds this Winter.

What are your top beauty products you can not love without?

Book Review: Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine

Thursday, 20 December 2018

This is a book I really couldn't put down. I was in America when I was reading this and OMG it's one of my favourites. Every spare minute I had I would pick this book back up. I'm one of those people who, if the first few pages doesn't have my attention, I'm not reading it. This certainly had my attention alright.

Elanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine is about the importance of friendship and human connection. I absolutely love Elanor as a character. She's just a simple woman who lives a very simple life, and she blossoms into this strong, confident woman who she never even imagined herself being. The book made me laugh a few times, and it's something I would love to read all over again.

The story...

Eleanor Oliphant leads a simple life. She struggles with appropriate social skills and says exactly what she's thinking. She wears the same clothes to work everyday, eats the same meal deal for lunch everyday and buys the same two bottles of vodka to drink every weekend.

She's happy, until one day her whole world changes when she meets Raymond, the IT guy from work. When she and Raymond together save Sammy, an elderly gentleman who has fallen on the sidewalk, the three become the kinds of friends who rescue one another from their lives of isolation they have each been living.

From talking to Mummy every Wednesday, wearing the same clothes everyday, she's searching for the courage to face the dark corners she's avoided all her life. It's Raymond's big heart that will ultimately help Eleanor find the way to repair her own profoundly damaged one.

My Dating Disasters

Wednesday, 19 December 2018

I don't know about you but I love a good read up on whats happening in other peoples lives. I have had a few dating disasters where I thought you can have a good laugh. I haven't had any luck recently with guys, and I have only been on a couple of dates, but enough to keep us all entertained.

The Christmas Tag

Sunday, 16 December 2018

I was looking at what Christmas posts to do when I came across the Christmas tag and thought it was a perfect post to do so that you bloggers and readers can join in too.

1. What is your favourite Christmas Movie/s?
I have two favourite Christmas movies.
Love Actually and The Holiday.
I am a huge fan of rom-coms and these two films really puts me in the Christmas spirit.

2. Do you open your presents on Christmas Eve or Christmas morning?
Christmas morning. On Christmas Eve we all ask each other what time we are all getting up in the morning. In fact it's probably the only morning I can actually get up early with no problems at all.

3. Can you name all of Santa's reindeer?

4. Is your Christmas tree real or fake?
Fake. We've had our tree for quite a few years and it's so easy to put up. it's the taking down part I hate doing.

5. Be honest: Do you like giving gifts of receiving gifts?
Definitely giving. I love seeing smiles on peoples faces. In fact I tend to go over board when it comes to buying gifts for other people.

6. What would be your dream place to visit for the holiday season?
New York. I've been before but would love to see what it looks like over Christmas.

7. Do you make New Years resolutions? Do you stick to them?
One year I remember wanting to be healthier, so I told myself in the new year, no chocolate. That didn't last 2 minutes. So the answer to that is no, I no longer make New Year resolutions and I certainly do not stick to them either.

8. What makes the holiday special for you?
Being with my family over Christmas. It's our first year without my Grandad for Christmas this year, so being extra close to my family is going to be extra special.

Let me know your answers down below.

The Ultimate Christmas Playlist

Saturday, 15 December 2018

Okay, I'm not going to lie to you. I have been so bad at doing blogmas, I just didn't realise how hard it was going to be writing and uploading posts everyday. Not just that, I am very bad at being organised.

Winter Skincare Routine 2018

Thursday, 6 December 2018

It's that time of year again where your skin is all cracked and dry, and I don't know about you but it makes my skin break out more with this cold weather. I have a routine that keeps my skin moisturized and those spots at bay, however having such sensitive skin, I find trying to find the right products can be very expensive. You can't just pick a product off the shelf like a box of chocolates, you have to do your research.

Morning Routine

- I start off the morning with a face wash using warm water, L'Oreal Paris Fine Flowers Sensitive Gel Wash. I have sensitive skin and I find this has been the best wash for me personally, which hasn't caused me to break out. This wash also doesn't leave my skin feeling very dry and sore which is a bonus, as I find most products feels like it's stripped a layer off my face.

- Once my skin has dried I go over with a cotton pad a rose water toner. The one I use I bought in America so I can only find it on an American site, which is Shea Moisture, Rosewater Toner. However my other fave is Pixi Rose Tonic.

- I then finish off with a moisturiser. The one I have been loving is very soothing and does't feel too heavy on the skin. A little bit goes a very long way, and with the affordable price it's just an extra bonus so it lasts quite a while. It's called Cosmetic Hydra-sensitive Face Cream.

Night Routine

- Using the same L'Oreal face wash, I do this twice if I have a full face of makeup on which is almost everyday for work, focusing more on my eye area as I wear more eye makeup than face makeup.

- Using cotton pads, I then go over my face and neck with Garnier Micellar Water for sensitive skin, making sure all of my makeup is completely off.

- Going in using cotton pads I then use my rose water toner, as I have recently discovered this has helped massively with any acne scaring, which is now almost invisible.

- Once my skin is completely dry, I then go in using the same moisturiser I used in the morning. It's so calming, especially after a face wash as I find my skin goes very red.

- Lastly, if I find myself to have the one odd spot, I like to dab a tiny bit of Neutrogena On-The-Spot Cream. Which I wouldn't recommend this product for anyone with ultra sensitive skin, and it's very drying. I find this product helps get rid of my spot within 2-3 days.

Cosy Christmas Night In Essentials

Sunday, 2 December 2018

There is nothing more perfect than having a cosy night in, whether it's on your own or with your friends. When I have a cosy night in (which is most of the time) I like to go up to my bedroom with a cup of tea and just chill out on my own, so here are some essentials.

- Firstly, your favourite drink. It's okay, I'm not the one to judge if you want a bottle of wine, or a G&T. Whatever keeps you happy. I like to have a cup of tea or a white hot chocolate.

- Music. Put on your favourite music and dance around the room, be crazy, be foolish and be happy. No one is here to judge if you want to dance and sing, we all do it.

- Dressing gown. This is a MUST!! Your dressing gown is your best friend, always there for you when you're feeling down, feeling ill, for those cold days and for those happy days. Put it on and be cosy.

- Snacks. Chocolate digestive biscuits and share bags of chocolate does me for the night. Fill a bowl of popcorn and crisps and other favourite treats of yours. Maybe some mince pies too. It's okay, eat naughty. I won't tell anyone.

- Face and eye masks. There is nothing more relaxing than sitting down, music on or reading your favourite book, face mask on and your feet up. Give your skin some tlc.

- Candles and fairy lights. Light yourself a Christmas scented candle to really get you in the festive spirit. I find a candle adds warmth to the room, and put some fairy lights on to add some extra cosiness.

- Christmas Movies. There is nothing more cosy than being wrapped up in your dressing gown and in a blanket fort, watching your favourite Christmas movies. Whether you're on your own or with you friends, it really gets you in the mood for Christmas.

What are your favourite Christmas night in essentials?

What I Love About Christmas

Saturday, 1 December 2018

Christmas isn't all about the decorations and the roast turkey on Christmas Day. It's not about the presents you receive or give, or that beautifully decorated tree that took you 3 hours to do one evening so that you can get that perfect insta pic. The hot chocolate and cosy fires at night, or how many Christmas movies you can watch until it's Christmas day.

Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love all of these things, but Christmas for me is spending it with my family and friends. Creating special memories and having a right good laugh, getting drunk and being merry.

I love blasting Christmas songs and dancing like an idiot, belting out the words...terribly.
Drinking festive drinks from Costa to get me in the festive spirit, baking some yummy treats, seeing other peoples Christmas jumpers and having an excuse to watch my favourite movie, Love Actually.

What do you love about Christmas?

How To: Have More Self-Confidence

Wednesday, 21 November 2018

Do you ever look in the mirror and think, I'm not good enough?
I did for a long while, I hated the way I looked and found it extremely hard to love myself for who I was. For those who don't really know me I am a child by heart.

I love to have a good laugh and I have a bit of a weird personality, if that's one way to explain it, and found I didn't feel like I could fit in anywhere and that just made me hate myself more. I felt like I couldn't be myself in front of anyone which leads to one thing...unhappiness.

I want to share this post with you all because I have learnt a few things over the years. It took a long time for me to realise and I really want to help those who have very little confidence in themselves. I know the feeling, and when you're unhappy you're really not you, even if you fake the happiness, you're still not you. So here are a few tips on how I am slowly managing to love myself for who I am, and for you to build that self-confidence that you need too.

Firstly, tell yourself that you love everything about yourself. Did you know, that girl that you like to compare self too, that girl where you wished you had her laugh, or her eyes and you think there's nothing you would change about her because she looks fine just how she is, that girl most likely has self doubts about herself too, looking at other people wishing she had their laugh, or their smile even. No body is perfect, we are all unique in our own way, I like to say we are limited edition, aha! People probably look at you and think, damn...I wish I had her personality she's so funny. So STOP comparing yourself to everyone else and start to love yourself for who you are.

I spent two weeks away with my family in America and there was one thing I learnt, and that's to say NO. Not to many family of course, but to the people back in the UK, When you have low self-esteem you may find yourself trying to please others to make them like you more. This is something I did for a long time, always saying yes to something I didn't want to do because I knew it was what they wanted and kept them happy, at the end of the day you are left unhappy. Whilst I was away, it was really refreshing to clear my mind and I am now learning to do what makes me happy. If you say no and they're not happy about it, tough! Don't you dare change your mind. It is okay to be selfish and to say no. Once you've done it a few times it gets easier, I know it's hard but the true people who likes you for who you are will stay by your side.

Set yourself small goals, challenges for yourself that you're afraid of doing. Mine is going out on my own. I always double check myself in the mirror to make sure I look okay, and if my outfit went with my shoes because I was more worried what other people, the strangers on the street would think of the way I looked. Today I went out twice on my own, and it was amazing. It could be anything small like trying a new recipe or taking up a new hobby. This will make you feel better about yourself. Yes, sometimes it can be hard but you have to take that leap of faith and just go for it, and once you've done it the second time round will be a lot easier.

Focus on your positives, learn how to accept compliments and celebrate what you succeed. Write a list about what you like about yourself. In time you will slowly learn to love yourself a bit more. Celebrating what you have achieved is very rewarding. It really picks you up and makes you feel a whole load better about yourself. It doesn't need to be a big award, could be as little as treating yourself to that DVD you really wanted.

Taking care of yourself. Things such as stress, little sleep, not eating properly, little exercise and drugs and alcohol really does have a big impact with the way you feel. I stupidly turned to alcohol time to time when I felt like I needed picking up. Thinking that going out most nights was the best choice, it really wasn't, because it made me hate myself more. Little change in your life choices can make a huge difference with the way you think mentally and how you look. It's okay to spend time on yourself, have a night in to focus on what's best for you.

Take yourself away from negativity. Social media is probably the worst, everything is posted on there, and the best thing I've done is take yourself away from it for a week, or for however long you need to be off it. It really changes the way you think about yourself, not comparing yourself to those models out there, listening to the hate, you name it. It's refreshing, you don't have to delete your account but just delete the apps and reinstall them when you're ready again.

If you find things are getting too much, it's okay to get the support you need. talk to your friends, family or talk to a professional. It's okay to get help, it doesn't make you a failure. If anything it makes you much stronger for taking that very hard step, asking for help!
You're beautiful the way you are, inside and out. Smile more, stay positive and if you fall down, pick yourself up dust yourself off and keep moving forward. You've got this girl, stay strong!

Autumn Essentials 2018

Tuesday, 13 November 2018

For those who don’t know, Autumn is my favourite season. I just love the crunchy leaves, crackling fires and a super hot, hot chocolate with marshmallows and whipped cream. I'm going to give you a list of my Autumn essentials to get you through the cold weather, as I myself, can not cope well when it’s cold.

1. Thick scarf - A thick scarf will keep your neck super duper warm, there are so many styles, colours, designs, you name it! A scarf can go with any outfit, so make sure you keep warm this Autumn and Winter.

2. Scented Candles - A scented candle can instantly make the room feel cosy and warm, and there are so many scents out there that can go with any season. Sometimes I like the salted caramel scented ones but it makes me so hungry, it’s never a good choice for me, personally.

3. Favourite Slippers - This is super cosy and warm. There’s just no words to it really, it’s a must and a need, so if you don’t own a pair pop it on your Christmas list.

4. An Umbrella - Sorry to be super boring here but you don’t want to go outside, hair all done up, makeup on and it suddenly chucks it down with rain. Be prepared.

5. Cosy Sweater - There is nothing more perfect than having a baggy sweater, just super comfortable and cosy. My favourite are the knitted ones.

6. Your Favourite Drink - This is definitely an essential, I love it when they bring out the festive hearbal teas and hot chocolates. It really gets you in the spirit for Christmas, sorry if you don’t want to think about it right now. I still need to try a pumpkin spice latte.

7. Moisturiser - The cold can really dry out your skin, and it’s not the greatest look when your skin decides to peel. Go and find a super hydrating moisturiser not only for your face, but for your body and a lip balm too. Don’t forget to keep those lips moisturised.

8. Woolly Hat - Most people don’t think about a hat, well I certainly don’t anyways, until I step outside and instantly I regret it when I can’t feel my ears. There are so many styles out there, there will be one out there to suit you if you haven’t found one yet.

9. Boots - Boots are definitely an essential. Boots with fluffy socks. I tend to go out in my vans and then I can’t feel my toes and start walking like a penguin because it’s a weird feeling. So yes, to avoid looking like a penguin go grab yourself some boots with a pair of thick socks.

10. Blanket - Nothing is more cosy than sat infront of the fire, your favourite slippers on, hot cuppa in your hand and a thick blanket for that extra coziness, maybe with a book to read or your favourite Christmas film on. (Sorry, I said the c word again)

What’s your favourite Autumn essentials and your favourite Christmas movie?

What's To Love About Autumn

Friday, 21 September 2018

Autumn is my favourite season, despite the cold and flu that everyone gets at this time of year. If you're missing the hot weather (which I certainly am not missing) then I'm going to give you some reasons to why you should start loving Autumn too.

- Jumpers. There is nothing more comfortable than lounging around in your joggers and an over sized hoodie, just comfy af. Who cares what you look like, messy hair, no bra, no makeup...what else could you want, heaven!

- Roaring fires. Now I don't know about you but a gorgeous lit fire or even a heated fire is super cozy. Feet up, your favourite drink in your hand, even if it is a glass of wine, sshhh...I won't tell anyone. It's such a chilled vibe, having all your friends and family over around the fire, or even just yourself sat next to one with a book in your hand or watching Netflix.

- Hot chocolate. C'mon, there is nothing more insta perfect than having a cup of your favourite hot chocolate, whipped cream topped with marshmallow. Yum! You just can not go wrong.

- Halloween...who doesn't like dressing up and scaring the kids. Ooppss, did I say that out loud. Seriously though dressing up and having a good time with your friends and family, it's just so much fun, you can even go pumpkin carving.

- Layering your clothes, this also means you don't need to shave your legs every so often. Tights and skirts, scarves and jumpers, just so comfortable.

- Cosy nights in watching your favourite horror movies, or your favourite TV series on Netflix with a blanket or your favourite dressing gown.  

- Smelling candles. Who doesn't like a pumpkin spiced scented candle? Just fill your room with the smell of Autumn and spice instantly makes you feel warmth.

- Christmas is approaching, means time spent with your loved ones. I love the mince pies, the Christmas candles, the advent calender's, vlogmas on YouTube, singing badly to Christmas songs, spending time with family and friends. Oh I'm so excited.

What are you excited for around this time of year?

Ireland, Fun Fairs & Beaches

Monday, 17 September 2018

Hi you lovely bunch of people, how you all doing?

Almost every year me and my family go to Ireland in August for a little holiday. My Nan and Grandad has a house out there so we stay there. We went for 2 and a half weeks and had so much fun, so I thought I'd share with you some pictures.

Pink To Make The Boys Wink

Thursday, 6 September 2018

If you know me, I change my hair like the wind. One minute it's brown, then it's red, then it's blonde. I was supposed to be going to Brighton with my friend, Jenna this week, hence why I coloured my hair pink. However I came down with a double ear infection and never felt so much pain, so we didn't go. We're saving that for when she comes back from her holiday.

So the pink dye that I used is a wash in wash out, so it lasts 2-3 washes, and can be worth your money depending on how much you wash your hair. Luckily for me I wash mine every 4 days the latest, although I can't wash my hair at the moment because I can't get my ears wet, aha!

I used L'Oreal Colorista in pink, (obviously, as my hair is pink) and it was so quick and easy to do. It comes with the tube of colour and two pairs of gloves. You apply it to freshly shampooed and fully dried hair, leave on for 20 minutes and voila! The colour is a caring hair mask so when rinsing you don't need to apply conditioner, which I may say for myself, my hair was very soft when I was rinsing off.

And there you have it. Pink hair to make the boys wink!

5 Must Haves For Your Bag

Sunday, 15 July 2018

I swear every women's handbag is literally like a Mary Poppins bag. We pull so much out of our handbags, no wonder why we are so bloomin strong, hehe! On a serious note, I am going to share with you my top 5 must-haves for your handbag that you may need.

First sized perfume. I have a huge addiction to perfume where I like to be smelling nice throughout the whole day. This travel perfume is so handy and cute too. I got the Twist & Spritz in the colour rose gold. You fill it up with your favourite perfume that you are wearing for the day and pop it in your handbag for a little spritz throughout the day. Very handy indeed.

I am always forgetting stuff that I always have to write everything down. This little notebook is very handy. You just can't forget to pack a pen too, aha! This notebook has different paper sections that you write on and tear off. Click here to grab the notebook. I couldn't find the pink one I have so this is the one in blue.

Hand cream can actually be very handy...I promise that wasn't supposed to be a bad pun! I am always applying hand cream because my hands tend to get a little bit dry, especially after washing my hands. This one is my fave, smells sooo good and feels incredibly soft, hence why I carry it with me everywhere I go. I like the 'You Soft Touch' by Dirty Works.

Nudes! Nude lipstick literally goes with any makeup look. I love to keep this in my handbag when I fancy going a little extra with my makeup. It's a glittery soft pink nude shade and feels creamy on your lips. So comfortable to wear I tend to forget I have it on. It just adds a little colour to your lips and perfect if you want to keep things subtle too. It's Avon in the shade sparkling nude, I could only find it on ebay.

Lastly, shades. I always carry sunglasses in my handbag, because you never know when the sun is out. Even on those colder days that sun can be pretty blinding. I have a few pairs, cat eye, floral and sunnies that I bought when I was in Las Vegas. I like to keep the floral ones in my bag only because they tend to stay on my face by not falling off when I look down.

There are my 5 must haves that I always have to have in my handbag. What do you like to keep in your bag and whats something you can not leave the house without?