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Winter Essentials

Winter Essentials

Autumn and Winter are my favourite seasons. I love wearing tartan scarves, knee high boots, warm coats, the dark berry lips, tights and skirts, oh, not forgetting the bobble hats. Wrapping up warm is what I love, so cozy and warm. I love it when my Mum lights a fire, it makes things extra cozy. Here are just a few of my Winter essentials...

- One of my favourites is at night, putting the electric blanket on...
Watching Netflix in bed with a hot cup of white hot chocolate, cream and marshmallows definitely hits the spot. Not only is this cozy but it's super relaxing. If you haven't tried white hot chocolate, it really is a must have in your life. It's not as sickly as you think.

- Moving on to makeup...
I love dark lipsticks. I am loving Colourpop ultra matte. I live in the UK so it's rather pricey ordering Colourpop from the States, but their products are super pigmented. Especially their eye shadow palettes. I love doing either a dark lip or a gold eye look. Gold eyes with glitter is my fave.

My makeup look in the Winter is normally a gold lid, cat eye liner on top, not too heavy. Olay CC cream, this foundation is not too heavy and gives a lovely glow to the skin, followed by translucent powder to avoid those panda eyes. I then curl my lashes, give two coats of Lash Sensational Sky High mascara, then lightly dust a light highlighter over my cheeks just to give a natural looking glow.

- I have many highlighters to pick from...
The one I am currently using for a natural glow is by Technic, Get Gorgeous, a light pale pink. Lastly to finish off I then apply lipstick. This changes on what mood I am in. Most days I leave my lips bare as I drink loads of tea, so I rather not keep on touching up and just wear lip balm to keep them super moisturized. When I wear eye colour I tend to go for a pink nude lip, If I have no eyeshadow on then I get out the dark lipsticks, berry reds and dark purples.

- Skincare...
In the Winter, I don't know about you but my skin goes very dry which isn't a good look when applying makeup, especially when it comes to foundation. It makes my skin look flaky. I have horrible sensitive skin so I am constantly breaking out no matter what products I use, but the number one cream that I am loving right now is Aloe Vera by dr.organic. It is ideally used for irritated skin but it is highly smoothing and calming. It sinks into your skin quickly without leaving your skin a greasy feel, and has certainly helped with my spots too.

- Hands!!
No one ever think about their hands, well I certainly don't. Our hands go through so much that we need to give them a bit of loving care now and again. My hands get very dry and start cracking, ouch! So always pop a little hand cream into your handbag, you will thank that cream later. I like to keep one right next to my bed too so I remember to apply some before I get into bed at night.

- Lastly...
My Winter fave, that is a must do to wind down and relax, is to have a hot shower, put on clean jammy's. Snuggle up in bed or in the arm chair with a fluffy dressing gown, white hot chocolate, either a good movie, watching YouTube or scrolling through social media. My favorite food to snack on too is crisps or chocolate.

Oh my gosh I can never have enough. Just in your own element, time to yourself and a little pamper is definitely a Winter essential. When it is cold and miserable out, it mostly makes me feel, well...meh! Not in the mood to do anything, I just hate the cold so a little time to yourself makes everything better and makes me appreciate myself more.