Top 5 Beauty Favourites

Top beauty favourites

So, I am a huge shopaholic. If you see me on my phone I am most likely browsing the interweb for new clothes or what will look great in my makeup trolley. I am just constantly buying beauty products, so I thought why not share with you lovely people my top 5 beauty favourites I've been using lately, the list could go on but we'll be here for ages otherwise.

All In One Milk, Davines

First up...Hair! Having short hair means constantly having to style it because the bed hair is prettyyy crazy. I have been digging this hair oil, All In One Milk by Davines. (135ml) Yes, it is pretty expensive but this product has amazingly gone a long way. Between you and me, I admit I haven't been using conditioner when washing my hair. I have been spraying this product in and it honestly feels amazing. Where my hair is incredibly thick it gets so bloomin knotty...ouch! This oil has been my savior. No tears. It adds shine, tames the frizz and makes your hair incredibly soft.

All In One Milk, Davines

Moving on to makeup, I decided to give this foundation a go. I just love how it has a lock on it so it doesn't create any mess. It is a full coverage foundation and you only need one pump. I found with this foundation I didn't need to use concealer, although I have to be careful not to use too much of this product as it can appear too cakey on my skin. Saying that I don't to re-apply throughout the day so this is a new love of mine. 

Kat Von D 'Lock It' Foundation

Eyebrows on fleek! I recently purchased Benefits 'Defined & Refined Brows' kit. My eyebrows are awful, I accidentally over plucked them a few years back because I thought I was being clever to do my own brows. BIG MISTAKE!!! Get someone else to do them.
I got this kit because I loved what it included inside. It includes a conditioning primer to make the brows look thicker, healthier and fuller. A brow mapping tool so you can see where you need to draw your brows. Thirdly a brow pencil. You use short strokes to fill in the brow and blend with the spoolie-brush that's included on the other side of the pencil. Then Lastly, a High Brow Pencil. It's used to give a lifted look to the eye area which you lightly blend in under the brow. This kit is a new lover of mine as it gives a natural look to my eyebrows with it looking to dark and heavy.

Benefit 'Defined & Refined' Kit

Make your eyes pop with this gorgeous Colourpop eyeshadow palette. Absolutely love how pigmented Colourpop products are. I have a few of their ultra matte lipsticks and they are just to die for. The palette is called 'I think I love You' and they are just the most beautiful golds and browns, that are full of shimmer. Perfect for Autumn and Winter!! Just be careful when ordering off the site and not to order too much as I learnt my mistake ordering to the UK, I had to pay a custom charge. Soooo spend up to £15 and you won't get charged...hopefully!

Colourpop 'I think i love you' eyeshadow palette

Lastly, perfume. I feel perfume just completes the whole look and makes me feel confident, I love to smell good too. I am loving 'Just Pink' which has sadly almost ran out on my shelf. It's a fresh floral fragrance which I just lovveee, and I've had a few compliments at work on it too. Super inexpensive and can be used as an everyday wear if you want it to be.

Just Pink Perfume

I hope you have enjoyed reading my top 5 faves. Comment down below your favourite beauty products, as I like to be nosy...and shop. Hehe!

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