Trek America Adventure

Trek America

On the 3rd of March 2018 I hopped on a plane with my Cousin and went to America. We both booked a Trek America trip for a week to go on a road trip and traveled through national parks, deserts and cities that never sleeps.

Trek America is a company that does group tours in North America between the ages of 18-38, and have been running since 1972. There is a wide choice of tours to choose from, lengths of days/weeks. I fully recommend Trek America. You have a tour guide, but isn't like a babysitter. They just drive you around and more importantly they're there to make sure you have a great time. When you book the trip just remember to book your flights as they are not included with the trip.

So my Cousin, Steph and I flew out on the 3rd and the tour didn't start till the 4th at 7:30am, so we had an extra night to start off with. On the first day we walked the Golden Gate bridge which was amazing.

San Fran

After we walked the bridge, we then drove to Yosemite Park which was covered in thick snow. We was going to do a walk but because of the snow we couldn't. We then drove to where we were staying for two nights at a hostel. In our room there were 6 bunk beds and our group had to share with a few strangers. It was very different sharing rooms, showers and a bathroom but I suppose it's like being at home, haha!

On the second day we then went back to Yosemite Park to do a trail which was so so beautiful because the park was covered in snow, the trail that we did was also covered in ice. It was rather scary being so slippery, the trail was so steep one side of the path you could hold on to some rocks, whereas the other side was a massive drop down so you had to take your time. I on the other hand stood on some black ice, slipped and landed on my hand. I won't show you as it's not nice looking at it but I thought I broke my finger. It was swollen and so blue, but I could move it so it was all good, just very painful.

Yosemite Park was breathtaking, the sun was out yet everything was just covered in sheets of white snow. One of my favourite places I've been too.

On to the third day we traveled to Las Vegas which took most of the day up. In the evening we went onto a party bus where they drove us to different places, such as watching a fountain show which I couldn't believe my eyes. It was so beautiful and spectacular, the Little White Wedding Chapel and the Las Vegas sign.

Day 4 we then had a whole free day in Las Vegas to ourselves. So we went up the strip and went to different shops, looked at different casinos. It felt like being in a completely different world...they have escalators and walk bridges to cross the roads...crazy!!

las vegas sign

las vegas

Day 5 we then went to the Grand Canyon where we did the helicopter flight. We flew over trees and you can see animal footprints in the snow. Then we flew off the cliff which made all our stomachs go funny, haha!
Again so breathtaking, every little thing about this trip was so amazing, wish I could just do it all over again.

Grand Canyon

We then did a trail in the Grand canyon which took Steph and I 2 and a half hours to walk there and back again. Going down Steph was saying how steep it was, in my head I thought it was fine until going back up the trail I realized what she was talking about. Our legs were shaking, but the views was just so spectacular.


grand canyon

grand canyon

grand canyon

Day 6, we got to a part of Route 66 - Colorado River.
We spent a little bit of time there looking at the shops, it was just so different but so fun too at the same time, although there was I think it was a cafe of something and outside they had manikins with clothes on stood outside the shop, was rather creepy to be honest which I didn't want a picture of that on my phone. I just loved how you would be driving in the middle of no where and you come across a little town, but at this particular part you had all these vintage cars outside too.

route 66

route 66

route 66

route 66

route 66

On our last tour day we then traveled up to Los Angeles which took most of the day where we said our goodbyes to the group. It was sad getting to know everyone and within a flash we had to say our goodbyes. Steph and I checked into the hotel where we had an extra night before we flew home the next night.

trek america

The next day we met up with my Uncle, Aunt and my 2 beautiful cousins who live out there. We spent a few hours together, had lunch on Venice Beach where I saw Nev from my favourite show, Catfish.  And said our goodbyes for our flight home. The whole week felt rushed but we saw amazing views, went to amazing places and met amazing people. Definitely something I would recommend for anyone, even if you travel solo, best experience.

catfish MTV

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