Autumn Essentials 2018

For those who don’t know, Autumn is my favourite season. I just love the crunchy leaves, crackling fires and a super hot, hot chocolate with marshmallows and whipped cream. I'm going to give you a list of my Autumn essentials to get you through the cold weather, as I myself, can not cope well when it’s cold.

1. Thick scarf - A thick scarf will keep your neck super duper warm, there are so many styles, colours, designs, you name it! A scarf can go with any outfit, so make sure you keep warm this Autumn and Winter.

2. Scented Candles - A scented candle can instantly make the room feel cosy and warm, and there are so many scents out there that can go with any season. Sometimes I like the salted caramel scented ones but it makes me so hungry, it’s never a good choice for me, personally.

3. Favourite Slippers - This is super cosy and warm. There’s just no words to it really, it’s a must and a need, so if you don’t own a pair pop it on your Christmas list.

4. An Umbrella - Sorry to be super boring here but you don’t want to go outside, hair all done up, makeup on and it suddenly chucks it down with rain. Be prepared.

5. Cosy Sweater - There is nothing more perfect than having a baggy sweater, just super comfortable and cosy. My favourite are the knitted ones.

6. Your Favourite Drink - This is definitely an essential, I love it when they bring out the festive hearbal teas and hot chocolates. It really gets you in the spirit for Christmas, sorry if you don’t want to think about it right now. I still need to try a pumpkin spice latte.

7. Moisturiser - The cold can really dry out your skin, and it’s not the greatest look when your skin decides to peel. Go and find a super hydrating moisturiser not only for your face, but for your body and a lip balm too. Don’t forget to keep those lips moisturised.

8. Woolly Hat - Most people don’t think about a hat, well I certainly don’t anyways, until I step outside and instantly I regret it when I can’t feel my ears. There are so many styles out there, there will be one out there to suit you if you haven’t found one yet.

9. Boots - Boots are definitely an essential. Boots with fluffy socks. I tend to go out in my vans and then I can’t feel my toes and start walking like a penguin because it’s a weird feeling. So yes, to avoid looking like a penguin go grab yourself some boots with a pair of thick socks.

10. Blanket - Nothing is more cosy than sat infront of the fire, your favourite slippers on, hot cuppa in your hand and a thick blanket for that extra coziness, maybe with a book to read or your favourite Christmas film on. (Sorry, I said the c word again)

What’s your favourite Autumn essentials and your favourite Christmas movie?

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