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My Summer Outfit And Must Haves

In the UK, it has been very hot these last few weeks. A Summer dress is a must have for those hot sweaty days. I thought why not share with you lovely people my fave outfit and my must haves for the Summer to get you through the hot days.

A Summer dress is always a must have. It keeps you cool, and you can always dress it up or dress it down. My fave is this yellow dress I got from Tesco, F&F. Unfortunately they don't have it in stock anymore, however I find a similar, difference being the back has a cut out and it doesn't have buttons going all the way down.

Next up, a good Summer perfume. I love floral sweet scents when it comes to the Summer. I have been loving the Ariana Grande perfume. I got this for my 21st birthday last week but just click here for the link.

Bronzed Summer look. I am pale as anything, perks of being born ginger. I have recently been loving the Hourlgass Lighting Bronzer. Not too orange on the face and you can slowly build it up. Love love love!!

My ultimate favourite eyeshadow palette. I originally got this for Autumn, but because of the browns and the coppers blended in together, I thought this was just perfect for the Summer to complete that bronzed look. I like to put a dark brown in the crease, and then a golden shade all over the lid, with a champagne pink in the very corner blended in. I have been wearing this look everyday for Summer.

There are my must haves and my fave Summer outfit. Hope you have been enjoying the sun. I am not a fan but I like it on cooler days. I normally hide indoors. What's your favourite Summer outfit and must have?


  1. I think I need that bronzer!! :)

    1. That’s your Christmas pressie sorted xxxx

    2. Haha.... bit expensive doll

    3. You’re always worth it babe xxxx


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