Being 20 Something and Dating in 2022

Dating on Tinder

Let's be real...

Dating within itself can be pretty daunting. You're putting yourself out there meeting new people and you're having to meet someone new all over again. Then they can either turn out to be really great or really...not so great. Or it could be that you think everything is going really well, you see yourself going on another date with that person, you both click and have a really good laugh, you may even go on a few more dates and then all of a sudden you've ended up being friendzoned with no explanation apart from 'it's not you, it's me'... 

Moral of the story is, dating is shit.

We than had the dreaded 'c' word come along (Covid) and that mucked up everyone's plans. I was in a relationship during Covid but unexpectedly became very much single September 2021. It was a mutual break up, we both didn't want to end things but knew it was for the best... he's now dating my friend (who is now no longer my friend) and that told me there was definitely no going back and that things were definitely over between us for good, even though I really wanted to give us another try.

I can't imagine what it must've been like for people to date during Covid, doing face calls and not being able to go out on dates, I'm very lucky that I started dating when we were coming out of some restrictions. Dating these days is just very confusing, back in the day if you were dating it meant they were your boyfriend/girlfriend and that was that. Now, when you date I never know what the right term is. 'Oh he's just a guy I'm seeing...' or 'We're only dating' and that can continue for months down the line until you have the dreaded 'are we official?' conversation.

Being 20 something can be scary, I am young and there is no rush to getting into a relationship, but at the same time I'm worried I'll end up being 30 and still single. I want a family of my own one day, with my own place and a lovely partner, not like I feel pressured to find a guy right now but I do feel like at my age I need to get myself out there, ignore my fears and just find someone I can have a laugh with and be myself around. Get to know someone know?

My dating disasters

Lets talk Tinder...

I plucked up the courage to join Tinder, you know the app, where you swipe left of swipe right. I knew the app was mostly used for just hooking up but I had hope that there would be some genuine guys on there who wasn't just after sex. However last time I was on Tinder, it wasn't the greatest of experiences, if you haven't read my last dating post, it's my dating disasters. So I was a bit hesitant but I'm so pleased I did go on there, it gave me the confidence I needed and I certainly had some really good laughs on there.

Some conversations I've had however really did make me laugh... not your usual casual conversation that's for sure.

Where do I even begin?

One guy messaged me asking if he could be honest with me. I thought this is a great start already, he's an honest guy. He said his girlfriend is bi, encouraged him to go on Tinder and likes the idea of watching him with an another lady! Not going to lie I was a bit stunned as it was totally unexpected, I replied with 'I'm not good at sharing.' Seriously though, you should see me with those massive chocolate bars, they don't last 5 minutes and next thing I know the wrapper is empty. I always feel like I have to offer other people some and I hope they say no when I do ask. That's when you know you have a snacking addiction or some say, a problem.

Another guy said he was bored at work and asked me to send him nudes from my work toilet, then proceeded to send me his Snapchat name. As you can imagine, that conversation did not last very long. Honestly did not surprise me but it did annoy me a little bit. My answer to that was rolled eyes and a deep sigh, on his end he just got ignored.

In another conversation a guy thought he was being funny, but at the same time wasn't sure if he was joking or being serious. How our conversation went from 'what's your go to drink?' to him wanting sex in a matter of seconds I do not know, but again that got rolled eyes, actually shouted out 'for fuck sake' THEN finished off with a deep sigh.

You then get people who are not so good at texting, they can be great in person to talk to but terrible over message and experiencing that is tiring. How can you carry on a conversation with someone who gives 2 worded answers, 3 if you're lucky. I would have a much more interesting conversation with a brick wall without even trying. If I'm asking you a question, you could at least ask me back the same question, no? Or is that too much to ask for these days.

At the end of the day, everybody's different and everyone has different experiences. So far it seems to be going well with this guy so I can't slag off Tinder too much.

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