Spring Clean Your Mind & Body

Spring clean your mind and body

You normally think of Spring Cleaning as decluttering and cleaning your home top to bottom, getting rid of those nasty cobwebs but no one ever thinks of themselves. We tend to forget to put ourselves first and Spring cleaning our mind and body helps us be the best version of ourselves and I am here to guide you through just that...

Lets start off with the first few basic shit, the boring stuff that you already know BUT I have to mention it because whether you like it or not it is still important, it's what you do with that piece of information is up to you.


Yes yes yes...I really did say it. Drink plenty of water! I'm also sure you know what drinking plenty of water does for your body so I won't bore you with the scientific facts but it's the first easy step. Simply just fill up a bottle or a glass, put it up to your lips and drink it. Why do all find that so hard though? I know I certainly do. This Spring there shall be no excuses, pause what you're reading and go grab your water. (don't cheat and pop coffee of a tea bag in with hot water, just pure water please)


We have all been guilty of it, junk food, fizzy drinks and alcohol. Now I'm not saying cut out junk food completely because if someone told me to give up my wine and chocolate they'd get a bloody good slap. If you haven't already, introduce veggies and fruit into your diet. To begin with the toilet may be your new best friend but once your body is used to it, it'll be a breeze. You're allowed to treat yourself to junk food but now and again, not everyday or in place of a meal, eat your 3 meals a day, have good sized portions, have a healthy snack if you're hungry, never starve yourself, maybe replace food so instead of crisps have popcorn instead. Life isn't worth living by being miserable with what you eat, but you are stuck with your body for many more years so at least treat it well, and by that treat it to good foods.


They do say exercise can improve your mood and boosts your energy. When I say exercise that doesn't mean join a gym and workout for an hour or 2 until you're dripping in sweat, because for me just walking up the stairs alone is a tough workout, I reach the top then remember I left my tea downstairs which is highly frustrating and we are now suddenly off topic... What I mean by exercise can be a simple stroll in the park, they say walking is a good form of exercise, a 10-20 minute home workout, go for a swim, there are so many fun and different ways you can exercise. Give it a try and see what's best for you.


The thought of a digital detox probably scared you and almost gave you a heart attack, I am sorry! Don't knock it till you've tried it though. Trust me, here's a question for you. How many times do you pick up your device and just scroll on Facebook, Instagram or TikTok because you're bored or passing time? I bet the answer is, you lost count. Well let me tell you this, it's not healthy. Especially mentally, instead pick up a book or go for a walk. Unplugging from technology is a great way to cleanse your mind. It'll help you get better sleep, be more present and mindful and be more productive. You don't have to do a digital detox for long, it could be for a day, a week or even if it means just cutting down how much time you do spend on your device. You do what's best for you at the end of the day.


Let's talk about sleep. It is highly important. I'm not going to tell you how much sleep you should be getting every night because I'm not a doctor nor a scientist but I am going to tell you to get the sleep your body needs. Only you know your body best. It is so easy to just lie there scrolling on TikTok telling yourself you'll only spend 10 minutes of that time you don't actually have scrolling then suddenly 2 hours pass by and you have less hours sleep. Easier said than done but stop it.


How often do you start talking to yourself and have conversations with me, myself and I?
If the answer is too much then it's time you do some decluttering. Maybe write stuff down, whether that's a journal, bullet points or lists. You can also write down some possible goals. When it's all written down you might feel a tad lighter, it's easier when you can see it in front of you rather than jumbled all in your head.


Get rid! Get rid of the negative people in your life, unfollow people who make you feel like rubbish and bring you down on a day to day basis, distance yourself from all that negativity in your life and unsubscribe to those annoying emails you get everyday that makes you sigh and roll your eyes because you think you're getting a text message through and one minute you feel loved then you look and realise it's from Domino's. Just go ahead and do a massive clean up, you'll feel loads better from it.


I saved this one last because it's the most important tip of all.
What you don't realise is the person you're going to spend the rest of life with is yourself. Stop neglecting yourself and start putting you and your needs first. Self love is the best love.
Now when people say take some 'you' time they think that means a pamper day, go get your nails done, your hair coloured. It can be whatever you want it to be but that also means make sure you're eating well, you sit down for 10 minutes and actually enjoy your cup of tea and not let it get cold, you take some time out to watch that film you've always wanted to watch. It's about being selfish and putting YOU first because you are important, and the only person you need to love you is yourself.

It's about setting boundaries and learning to say no. Make a date with yourself and enjoying your own company. Spend at least 10 minutes a day with yourself and bloody enjoy every minute of it. Make a day out of it if you like, because taking time for yourself will help make you be a happier person and is a excellent form of self-care.

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