Drugstore Makeup Faves 2021

Now and again I treat myself to high-end makeup however I just can't justify spending around £50 on one product. Drugstore makeup works just as well as high-end if applied correctly, so why not share with you all my drugstore faves. (These products work well for me, however everybody's skin is different so may be different for you.)

I really wanted the By Terry CC serum but couldn't justify spending £61 on it so I did some research and tried to find a dupe. This product plumps and protects your skin with 24hr hydration giving you that healthy looking glow. I definitely look more awake and healthy with this on. All you do is simply apply using your fingertips, you can either use this on its own, under foundation or as a highlighter. I tend to wear this on it's own with just a few dabs of concealer around my eyes.

If you are after voluminous longer lashes, then this is for you. It has a curved wand and I have been using this mascara for a few years and have never looked back. I have small eyes so I find most mascara wands too big, however this is perfect size and gives me long, thick lashes with only a couple of coats. The wand grabs every eyelash you didn't know you had, and I have mine in the colour extra black.

The panda look is not the one, especially in the hotter months and you're sweating mascara under the eyes. This product is my savior. I simply grab a small fluffy brush, swirl the brush onto the powder and gently tap off any excess, pat and lightly stroke the powder under my eyes and on top of my eyelids around my crease and I get no transfer throughout the whole day. This literally makes a huge difference.

When it comes to brows I can be so lazy. I like my makeup to be quick and simple and out the door in 10. This glides on so easily and so quick, it also blends in so nicely too by using the spoolie on the other end so that they're not so harsh looking. My brows lasts the whole day, from 3;30am when I first apply my makeup for work, all the way till 5pm when I eventually find the energy to wash my makeup off. This product I'd say is more for a natural brow look rather than a thick, filled in brow.

For the summer I really wanted to ditch the black and bring in brown for something more subtle. I did struggle with the brush to begin with as I was used to something more flexible, but after a few applications I soon got used to it. The liner lasts all day and comes in black, brown, blue, white and black waterproof. It's more of a deep brown but I like that I have the option of having it in a liquid liner for my cat eye.

When it comes to concealer, I can be very fussy. I like a good coverage (don't we all) and something that lasts and not look too orange and cakey. This gives you none of those, I gently build this up to the coverage I like and blend it out on top of my foundation. 16-hour wear and comes in 20 shades.

On those very spotty days, I like to go in with extra coverage. Gently build this up and pat on any areas you'd like covering and it certainly does the job. Comes in 18 shades and very long wearing. Says it can cover blemishes (yes), scars, birthmarks, veins and temporarily disguise tattoos. 

Have you got any drugstore faves that you'd like to share? Comment them down below.

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