My Top 5 Favourite Purchases

If you don't know me already, I am a huuuuggggeeee shopaholic, whether that's clothes or home ware. So here are my top 5 favourite purchases that I am very excited to share with you.

1. Breakfast Tray

My life has been made to be so much easier with this item. Okay, you're probably thinking exaggeration much Kat! I like to go on my laptop or tablet when I'm in bed in the evening. Whether that's watching Youtube or typing up blog posts before bed. With this breakfast tray it really is fantastic. I also use it if I need to write stuff down in my notebook. Although it's called a breakfast table, I don't use it for breakfast. The natural wood goes with any bedroom too.

2. Marble & Brass Doorstop

I am a huge lover of unique and different things. I like to have stuff that's different rather than blending in with everyone else, if that makes sense.
It's not too heavy, the perfect weight should I say and very unique indeed. You either love it or you hate it. I find the colours to be quite neutral so it could go with almost any room.

3. Love Handle Vase

Now this beauty is just so stunning. On it's own, with dried pampas or flowers inside. I want both colours so will definitely be purchasing the vase in black next pay day. Both colours will go with any room, any decor, and you can either have the bum on show or have it to the side, styling it however you like. A very nice addition to any room.

4. Lenovo Tablet

Typing blog posts and well...anything on my phone just doesn't work for me. Sure, I have my laptop but carrying that around with me everywhere just isn't ideal. So I went onto my laptop and did some research. My laptop is Lenovo and when Lenovo tablet 2 in 1 popped up when I was researching I couldn't click on it quick enough. Having the same brand that I'm familiar with was perfect. This tablet has a keyboard that magnetics on and off so you can either use it as a tablet or a mini laptop. Fits perfectly into my handbag, very lightweight and the charge lasts a long, long time. So pleased with this purchase.

5. St.Tropez Self Tan Purity Face Mist

I have only recently started fake tanning. I needed a little 'pick me up' and boy have I got more confidence and have received so many compliments too. This gives you such a natural looking tan, you simply just moisturise your face and neck, (never forget the neck) spritz the face mist a few times over the face and neck and leave. No rinsing, no streaks and no self tan smell. Literally my favourite product out there, AND it smells amazing too. My sensitive skin loves this product.
(Tip: If you get it over your hands, wash them straight away, otherwise you'll have brown patches on your fingers/hands for days, lesson learnt for me)

There you have my top 5 favourite purchases. Being a shopaholic, maybe I should do these type of posts once a month, or maybe that would just encourage my spending. Have a great day!

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