Skin Care Fridge Tour

I took the plunge and ordered myself a skincare fridge. Is it really necessary? No! At first I didn't see why they were such a big deal, until I put some research into it and thought why not treat myself to one.

Skin Care Fridge


- Keeps products fresh and lasting longer
- Chilled products helps calm the skin
- It activates ingredients

I'm sure there's many more benefits...

Products that can go in the mini fridge:

- Serums
- Moisturizers
- Gel-based products
- Toners
- Eye creams
- Nail polish
- Facial rollers (jade rollers)
- Sheet masks
- Balms (not oil-based)
- Eyeliners
- Eyebrow pencils
- Lipliner

So, whats in my skincare fridge?

Top Shelf:

My top shelf I have all my sheet masks of face, lips and eye masks when I feel like having a pamper. The shelf is removable if you rather have bigger products kept in the fridge.

- Kocostar - Slice Mask Sheet
- P.S - Eye Patches (Primark)
- Generation Skin - Brightening Eye Patches

Sheet Masks

Bottom Shelf:

The bottom shelf are all my pamper and skin care products that I almost use everyday.

- Nivea - Day Cream, Sensitive Skin, SPF 15
- Bye Bye Blemish - Skin Toner
- Barry M - Cooling Cucumber Serum Mist
- Aliver - Gold Eye Mask
- Mend - Vitamin C Serum

Daily Skin Care

In The Door:

In the door I keep my eye creams, there's not a lot of space to fit products in there so I think my eye creams are the perfect fit.

- Symbiosis - Eye Serum (Can't find the 15ml bottle)

Eye Masks