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How I Self Tan

How I Self Tan


The day before I tan, I give myself a good exfoliate all over with an exfoliating hand mitt in the shower with my favourite shower gel, and if needed a good shave. You should always shave 24 hours before tanning as your pours will be open and you can have dark tan spots.
Once I've stepped out the shower and dried I slather myself in moisturiser head to toe and let that soak in for the rest of the day.


Before putting my tan on I hop in the shower and exfoliate concentrating on the drier areas such as hands, wrists, elbows, knees and ankles. And when hopping out the shower, moisturise concentrating on the drier areas so that your tan doesn't cling to those parts causing them to go dark brown, letting that soak in for half hour.


Everyone has a preference, mine is St.Tropez products. They don't have a tan smell and doesn't leave me looking like a tiger loaf. I also like to have an option of what to use so I have a few different products I can opt for depending on my mood.

St.Tropez Tanning Products

The products I use are:

Express Advanced Bronzing Mousse
This develops within 1-3 hours depending on how light or dark you like your tan. Apply, let sit for how ever long you like then wash off. 

Purity Water Mousse
Apply, it'll develop within 4-8 hours, can't get wet for 8 hours. Doesn't transfer.

Purity Water Gel
Apply and it develops within 3 hours, can't get wet for 8 hours. Doesn't transfer.

Purity Water Face Mist
Spray over face, neck and ears to top up your face tan.


Shave and exfoliate in the evening and smoother myself in moisturiser.

Apply express advanced bronzing mousse.

Exfoliate in the shower, shave and apply moisturiser head to toe.

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Apply either purity mousse or gel and spray purity face mist when needing a top up, exfoliating and shaving in between.

Exfoliate in the shower and moisturise.



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