Podcast Launch - You, Me and The Tea


For a couple of years I have had a dream to self host my own podcast! I would write down notes on how I would want it to be and never go through with the idea, a couple of years later and here I am, I finally have a podcast and I am very excited about it.

My podcast is called 'You, Me and The Tea' where I talk about all things gossip and advice. Any advice or answer given is not professionally certified in any way, however you can send in your questions, embarrassing or funny stories, advice on anything boys, relationships, friendships you name it and I'll be there to read them out and answer them for you, also having a laugh where it's just you and me spilling the tea!

Send in anything you would like at youmeandtheteapodcast@gmail.com (if that's hard to read for you to type in, it's... you me and the tea podcast, obviously without the spaces) you can either stay anonymous of if you would like to mention your name that's also fine.

My podcast uploads will be every Tuesday 5pm UK time available on Spotify so make sure to follow and let me know what you think.

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