DIY Bar Cart

I would look at people's bar carts online wishing I had one, but living at home with my parents I couldn't really get one until I got my own place. One evening I had a brain wave and thought why not buy one for my bedroom! Feeling really excited I ran to my laptop, scrolled online and couldn't believe my eyes to see the prices of these metal on wheels.

I felt super bummed as I didn't really have over £100 to spend on a bar cart, then I had another brain wave. Why not make one. Okay..when I say make one I don't mean collecting scraps of metal and making one with my hands, but I did some research online and saw on IKEA that they had kitchen trolleys.

With help from my Dad, okay when I say help, maybe he assembled the whole thing, I just watched. It took not even 10 minutes to put up and I carried it upstairs to where I wanted it to be. I am still thinking about whether or not I want to stick on marble contact paper on the shelves but I'm not totally sure just yet.

The top shelf has my Nespresso Essenza Mini Coffee Machine, next to that are my coffee pods in a small vase, then I have my Hotel Chocolat Velvetiser with Hotel Chocolat Pod Cups which actually come with the velvetiser. Then for added decor and even there for me to use is a coffee scoop and bag clip that I got from IKEA.

The second shelf I have my stemless gin glasses from Dartington. A cocktail shaker, this is a similar as mine was in the Fox & Ivy range in Tesco and no longer available. And then you have some of my favourite gins, Bombay SapphireTW Kempton Watermelon And Lime and TW Kempton Parma Violet. 

My last shelf has got some books that I had on a shelf and didn't have a place to live, a letter block 'K' for my name, a fake plant for some colour and a rose that my older brother got me. Throughout the cart I wanted some gold going through but not too much so that it looked tacky.

And there you have it, my bar cart, what do you think? Have you got a bar cart or a alcohol section in your home?

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