My Travel Anxiety Tips

No one can see anxiety. No one can see your heart pumping out of your chest, those sleepless nights you have or understand why you apologise at everything. The list can go on. So when it comes to travelling, it can be pretty daunting. I suffer with social anxiety, so going out some days can be hard. I wanted to share some tips that can help with your anxiety when travelling, as it's that time of year where everyone goes away on holiday.

Before you leave

- When it comes to packing, that can be pretty stressful. Write everything down in a list for everything you want to pack. Clothes, toiletries, medication, chargers, electronic devices, documents you need to pack. Then you can check everything off as you go along.

- When it comes to your important documents, put it in a folder so that way it is altogether, so you don't need to faff around trying to get them out when needed too.

- Pack some snacks, charge up your phone or ipod for music, your kindle to read your favourite books, anything that needs charging and pack anything that helps calm your anxiety.

- Plan where you are going, research where you are going, and screenshot on your phone where you are going. That way you are familiar to the place, and you are not completely lost.

- Practice relaxation tips, so when you have an anxiety attack (which is totally okay) learn ways to help calm yourself so that when you are travelling, you know what to do. Such as breathing techniques, having a talking buddy you can phone when away or tell yourself and visualize that you are in a safe place and that nothing and no one can hurt you.

Time to travel

- Distract yourself. This is when you plug in your music, read a book or play games on your phone. There's nothing worse that sitting there staring into space playing the waiting game. This will just make your anxiety worse. Do something that'll pass some time. I like to get my laptop out, write up some stuff and listen to music, then I take a quick nap.

- Leave your comfort zone. Repeated exposure to your fears is more successful rather than avoiding it. Something I learnt in counselling. The more you avoid, the worse you feel and the worse it all seems in your head. I know it's easier said than done, but once you do it the first time, the second time will get easier, and the third time will just be a lot easier. You can do it! Just start off with baby steps.

- Avoid your triggers. For me it's alcohol. Too much of it will make me feel more anxious the next day. You've got to help yourself. They say too much caffeine doesn't help either, and that if you are a big coffee and tea drinker like me and drinks 10 cups a day, switch in between caffeinated and decaffeinated.

- If it all gets a bit too much, take some down-time, hit the spa, have a day in, it's totally okay if your plans didn't work out that day, if you need some 'you' time, go for it. 

I hope these tips have helped in any way. Enjoy your holiday if you are going away, and comment down below any tips that help you when travelling. 

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