Fake Tanning The Right Way

There is nothing worse than having orange knees, streaks up your legs and a patchy back where you couldn't quite stretch out your fingers to cover every inch of skin. I have been there, not just once..but twice! Really not a good look. So I am here to give you a quick run down on how to fake tan the right way. You can trust me...I promise. I haven't made the same mistake since.

Step 1 - Preparation

- If you want to shave your legs, make sure to do it 24 hours before fake tanning. This way the tan won't seep into your pores

- Exfoliate! I can not stress this enough. Exfoliate everywhere for 5 minutes with a exfoliating mitt

- Use a moisturizer all over the body, working on those dryer areas. (Hands, wrists, knees, elbows and feet)

Step 2 - Application

- Using a tanning mitt, use about 3 pumps on each section of the body. For my back I use this mitt on a stick and it is a life saver. Click here to get yours

- Use circular motions so that way you won't get any streaks and it's all even and covered.

- Leave your knees and elbows till last when you have less product on the mitt, and wait around 10 minutes to dry before putting clothes back on. Wear loose fitted clothing that you don't mind getting tan on, as tan may still transfer.

Step 3 - Maintaining

- Wash your tan off with cold water (If needs to wash off, depending on the tan you use)

- Gently pat yourself dry

- Use a light moisturizer to keep your skin hydrated

And there you have it. Hope this helped you in any way. Enjoy your new, streak free tan.


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