My Top Favourite Perfumes Of 2019

If it’s not notebooks that I’m collecting, it’s an addiction to perfumes. I wear perfume everyday, so I have a perfume for every occasion from lazy days to going out.

I feel that perfume completes every look, if you're lazing around at home, have a little spritz of perfume, (yes, I spray perfume even when I'm not going out) going out to meet friends for lunch, put on perfume. The amount of compliments I get at work with the perfume I wear, most of the comments are from men asking what perfume it is so that they can buy their other halves the same, it's quite funny.

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If you are after a sweet scent, this one is for you. I didn't know this until my boyfriend pointed it out that is smells like grapefruit. I told him it didn't and that he got it all wrong, until I decided to look on the box and there in the ingredients list said...grapefruit. It's not a over powering smell of grapefruit though, but this perfume turns everyone's heads, being asked what is it and how much they like the scent too. You don't need to spray too much, and it lasts all day. Happy days!!

This was gift from my friend, and I found this to be a unique scent. It's a floral, fruity scent. It's fresh and is perfect for everyday wear. I normally chuck this on if I am running into town. It has top notes of rose, heart notes of apricot and base notes of vanilla. Go on...go and treat yaself.

Oh my goodness!!! This perfume looks fab on any shelf. I know it's more on the pricey side, but it's okay to treat yaself once in a while. It has top notes of almond, heart notes of jasmine and base notes of vanilla and coffee. It's a sweet smell, and lasts all day, so a little goes a long way. 

Another perfume that looks great on the shelf. This is my new daily perfume. Again, I get asked by a few people what I am wearing, and every time I wear this a guy at work keeps asking me what it's called because he likes the scent so much, haha! Even my Mum nicked a few sprays the other week, I came downstairs and said..."Oh Mum, you smell good, what is it you're wearing?" Her reply was..."Thanks, it's your lipstick perfume" As she slowly turns her head away from me. So I think she like the perfume too! This perfume always makes me feel confident, I don't know why but it does. Spray it on and I am ready to smash the day. With top notes of raspberry, heart notes of jasmine and base notes of milk and sandalwood.

Okay..I saved the best till last. I was so upset when I was running low on this, when my boyfriend got me a bottle for my birthday the other week. Happy and lucky woman over here!! It is by far my most favourite scent, but for the price I only wear it on special occasions, because I don't like to use it up quickly. With top notes of pink pepper, heart notes of jasmine and coffee and base notes of vanilla. This perfume is something you may need in your life.

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