22 Things I Have Learnt In 22 Years

Today I turn 22.
Wow! That feels weird to say. It's also that time of year where I have to update my age on my bio's on all my social media accounts. I have learnt so so much over the years I thought it'll be a perfect opportunity to write a post about it on my birthday.

So, lets get started...

1. Smile
No matter how crappy your day is, just smile. This can really change your mood and it'll make someone else smile too.

2. You can't please everyone
No matter how hard you try, you simply can not please everybody in the room. If it pleases you, then that's all that matters.

3. It's okay to have 'me' time
I always used to feel guilty turning down an invite so I can spend time at home, but it's okay. We all need a little bit of 'me' time once in a while. Refreshes the mind and the soul.

4. Don't think about yesterday or tomorrow, focus on today
The amount of times I would worry about the next day, whether it was a day at work, or something that I did yesterday that I wished I had done or said differently. No...stop it! Focus on what you're doing this very moment because before you know it the day has already ended.

5. Stop people pleasing
Kinda similar to number 3. I would go out my way to make sure everyone else was happy, or I'd say what they wanted to hear rather than being honest. This was such a bad habit of mine for a long long time. I went to America with my older brother for a couple of weeks to focus on myself and well..it did me good. I realised what it was doing to me and said enough is enough. It's time I start pleasing myself

6. Take a leap of faith
One thing that helped with my social anxiety was to just go for it. Go outside and do it, taking that leap of faith in life makes you take challenges that you never thought you would or could do. It makes you feel good let me tell you that.

7. Happiness is key
If you're not happy, do something about it. I wasn't happy for a long time, I stopped eating and sleeping, lost 2 stone and was getting 2 hours of sleep every night. One day I woke up and said right..something needs to change. Now I am the happiest I have ever been.

8. It's okay to make mistakes
Life is all about making mistakes. Trust me I make plenty, but then we learn form them. Sometimes I make the same mistake twice, but that's okay too. We are only human.

9. Don't apologise about your mental health
One thing I did was feel bad whenever I had a down day, or I'd have an anxiety attack before I stepped foot on the bus. We are who we are and we shouldn't feel ashamed. I have social anxiety and depression, and I am very open to talking about it, because I am who I am. And if no one likes that, then they should keep their opinion to themselves.

10. Nobody has it all figured out
I would beat myself up because I'd look at people I went to school with who knows what it is they want to do, and there's me who works in retail and doesn't have clue, but there is no age to when you should have it figured out. When the time is right I'll know.

11. No one is perfect
Oh no! We all make mistakes. Try and define perfect, because I can't. Yeah everyone has their own vision on what perfect is when really..we were all born to be different.

12. Don't compare yourself to anyone
We all have our insecurities. One thing I did was compare myself to models on a magazine cover, which then put myself down which then turned to not loving myself for who I was. So one thing we need to snap out of is comparing ourselves. We are all beautiful inside and out in our own unique way.

13. Be nice, even when others aren't
Life is too short to be horrible back. It'll just wind the other person up more if you're nice when they aren't. 

14. Learn to take a compliment just by simply saying 'thank you'
One thing I don't like is being complimented. Okay that's a lie, I do because it helps boost my confidence however i am bad at just receiving them. I can easily give them but when it comes to receiving, I have learnt to just say thank you rather than making a awkward scene out if it.

15. Believe in yourself
Even when people don't, you should believe in yourself, that you can and you will

16. Be patient
I can be pretty impatient, being patient will just cause less arguments

17. People come and go
People can play such a huge part in your life, then one day they get up and leave. That's okay, that was one chapter in your life, it's time to start chapter 2.

18. You have to love yourself first before loving others
I hated myself for a long long time wishing I was some else. If you can't love yourself then how can you be with someone, you'll never be happy. Learn to love yourself first before giving your love to others around you.

19. Stop overthinking
Man!! One thing I did, and sometimes still do it overthink. This year I have had counselling and one important lesson that has stuck with me was, take a situation and write down or think of other possibilities to why that situation happened. It gets you thinking..okay, maybe it's not because of me, or maybe they really are busy etc.

20. Listen to your Mum, even if you think she's wrong
No seriously..I always say..."Mum you just don't understand", when really they understand more than most. If she says take an umbrella because it'll rain and you look outside and the sun is shining bright, just take that umbrella, because she will be right.

21. Express your feelings
I am so so bad at confrontation. Speaking out what's on my mind is a big no for me, but I am getting there with expressing my feelings. You feel a lot better afterwards.

22. Just be yourself
Don't hide who you really are. I am now 22 but still a child by heart. I am crazy and wild, I hide that side of me a lot, but it's good to be yourself. The right people will love you for who you are.

What lessons have you learnt in life?

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