Solo Trip To Edinburgh

Solo travelling was something I really wanted to do, despite my social anxiety. I had some time off in October and I didn't know what to do with it so I put a question up on my Instagram of where I should go and Edinburgh won.

London to Edinburgh
I didn't want to spend all my money on travel even though flying from London to Edinburgh was the quickest for around £300 return, I didn't want to be left with no money when I got there so 9 hours on coach it was. I found the company Flixbus where a return ticket was only £35.

My Dad drove me to a train station that got me as close to London which made my travel so much easier, once I got off the train to London Victoria it was a 5 minute walk to London Victoria Coach Station, at this point it was chucking it down with rain and I looked like a drowned rat. I didn't need to wait long for my coach once I got there, it was on time and the 9 hour journey began.

Arriving to Edinburgh was so exciting... I arrived at 6pm and it was only a 5 minute walk from Edinburgh Bus Station to my accommodation.

My Accommodation
I couldn't afford a hotel in Edinburgh, especially as a last minute holiday so I stayed at Haystack Hostel which was in perfect walking distance to everything such as shops and attractions.

The building has 3 hostels in it, Princes Street, The Baxter and Haystack. It's 54 steps to Haystack and my gosh what a workout that was...especially with a medium sized suitcase, and being a woman I don't pack light. The building doesn't have a lift. I stayed in a '12 bed female only room' where there were 4 sets of triple bunk beds and lockers on the other side of the room.

hostel stairs

My bed was the very bottom bunk which was great getting in, just lay and roll, getting up was a struggle but that's just me being unfit. You have your own privacy curtain and nightlight with a socket and USB to charge any devices you have with you.


The hostel itself was very clean, you had a kitchen as you walked in through a door in front of you along with reception, to the left are seating areas and carry on to your left are doors to rooms, and around the corner is your toilet and showers. It was a very simple and easy layout. The only downside was the girls in my room making a loud racket at stupid O'Clock in the morning, this wan't the hostels fault, just people not knowing their manners.

My first night stay...
Admittedly on my first night my anxiety was through the roof, I was in a place I've never been before, I was tired and hungry and I didn't even know where to begin. A couple weeks before setting off to Edinburgh I had booked all my dinners for the 4 nights I were there so I got myself freshened up and out to dinner to Burgers and Beers Grillhouse. Really nice burgers and a very different burger menu.


Day 1
I wanted to get up early and hit Edinburgh Castle but when I woke up it was like I had jet lag, I was so tired and really needed a lay in so I had a chilled day of visiting places I had seen on TikTok and Instagram.

The weather was really good to me and I was so in my element. I started my day off with a coffee and carrot cake at The Milkman. 

- I saw Edinburgh Castle from afar
- Walked through The Royal Mile
- Walked through a beautiful garden and saw Ross Fountain
- Explored Dean Village
- Saw Scott Monument

I then went back to the hostel, freshened up and went out to dinner to Badger and Co. I had the most filling and beautiful chicken pie and mash.

Day 2
This was the day I wanted to climb Arthur's Seat but it was chucking it down with rain so I had a shopping day instead. A few doors down to the hostel is a coffee shop called Cactus Coffee. What a sweet, small coffee shop it was too. I had to eat a spudnik which was bacon, fried egg, potato rosti, monterey jack cheese and cactus sauce in a white ciabatta roll followed by a berry smoothie.

There wasn't much to show for this day, like I said a chilled day of shopping, exploring what was around and just taking it all in. I then went out to dinner to Hard Rock Cafe, great atmosphere and food was amazing and super filling. I had the twisted mac, chicken and cheese.

I ended the day walking to Calton Hill to capture the sunset. What a beautiful end to the evening it was too.

Day 3
My last day in Edinburgh before going home on Day 4. I spent the day seeing places I didn't get a chance to see on Day 1, I was so pleased I did as I was in two minds to climb Arthur's Seat.

- I walked through ...
- Victoria Street
- Vennel View
- Circus Lane
- Saw Cold Town House
- Advocates Close


I finished the evening to dinner to East Finch. I had some meatballs in a sauce and mac n' cheese, I didn't realise I booked dinner for the time the restaurant opened so it was just me in there however I had a very good chat and laugh with the guys that worked in there, the food was really lovely and filling and finished off my holiday just nicely.

Day 4...Home Time
Going home was so sad, I loved Edinburgh so much that I know I'll defiantly be back again. I don't know why my coach was delayed but it was by 2 hours. This wasn't a problem, they had food shops at Edinburgh Bus Station so I was easily happy and the 2 hours did fly by nicely. Then it was a smooth travel back to London where I got the train to my local station and my boyfriend picked me up from there.

Edinburgh... I'll be back

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