Day In The Life Of A Digital Marketing Apprentice - Beauty Edition

Digital Marketing isn't all about social media and keeping up with trends, there's a whole lot more to it and I'm excited to share with you my role. I have been in my job for 2 months, so when I'm qualified by October 2022, I'm excited to post an updated post about my role and what it then involves as I would have learnt a whole range of new stuff.

It takes me an hour to get to work every morning. I don't drive so I take a 40 minute bus ride into the city, then a 7 minute train to where I work, followed by a 7 minute walk to work. I actually like the travel to and from work, it's an hour before work that I can catch up on the latest trends or revising for exams etc. It's 'me' time.

I work Tuesday-Friday, and do 30 hours a week. Yes...I get a 3 day weekend!
My work is also in a beauty salon. Two things I love, in one! It can't get any better than that. I absolutely love my job, when the weekend rolls around I find it hard to switch off because I have all these ideas brewing up in my head that I just want to get on with.

This day is my college day. I either work from home or go into the salon and I do some work on the laptop. Whether it's a new task I've been set by my tutor, a new course I have to learn or exams I have to revise for. So far I've learnt the basics of HTML coding, what http, https, java, javascript and many, mannyyy more is! There is so much to take in, and although I find it a challenge I'm still loving it.

Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays 
These days are the same but different at the same time.
These are the days I do the digital marketing as well as take client bookings and answering the phone.

My duties within digital marketing involve:
- Marketing campaigns
- Updating our website
- Uploading to our social media platforms
- Develop and maintain projects
- Create and design engaging content for our clients and new followers

  • So any new products we get into the salon I help promote or create a campaign to get over a period amount of time. I also put out on social media any availability we have in our diary for our clients for beauty treatments.
  • I then take pictures of the salon as well as videos, edit and design them to get out on our social media platforms, as well as treatments that get done to show our clients and new followers what we are all about and what we have to offer.
  • The website I designed myself due to issues with the original one when I first started, so I come up with new ideas, look at competitors around us and see what we can offer and improve on ourselves.
  • I also deal with technical issues if things aren't going how they should and if we have any problems that needs to be dealt with urgently.

My duties within the beauty salon involve:
- Taking client bookings
- Dealing with clients issues and assist them the best I can
- Making sure the salon is kept clean and tidy
- Towels have been washed, dried and put back out in the basket for next clients
- Everything is stocked up, from cotton pads to bathroom paper towels
- Bins have been emptied at the end of the day.

  • I love how my days breaks up of different jobs, it makes my day not only more interesting but my days goes by a lot quicker. 2 days a week I work 9am-5pm and the other 2 days I work 9am-6pm. For 6 years I had always been used to shift work, so I'm still not used to the 9-5 life, however when my jobs involves different tasks, it certainly makes my job more enjoyable and quicker for me.
  • Being a qualified level 2 beautician I will also soon be helping out with treatments outside of my apprenticeship. I'm so excited to get even more involved and get to know the clients even more by doing treatments on them.

That's how the day in my life of a digital marketing apprentice, beauty edition is on a day to day basis.

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