What's In My Bag

What's in my handbag

Okay, I admit it! I have an addiction to handbags. I just can't help myself but buy more and more. This handbag is what I have been using more lately and thought I'd share with you what is in my handbag. I love these kind of posts because I am one nosey bugger.

Lip Balm

My lips gets chapped so quickly, especially in the colder season, I have been loving the Ted Baker Vanilla Lip Balm which makes me lips feel so SO soft, and it's so smooth to apply. A must have for your handbag.

Hand Cream

Same with my lips my hands get dry in the colder seasons and can be very sore, so a hand cream in my handbag is always a must. I just chuck in my bag whatever cream I have on the go, the one I am currently using is the Rituals, The Ritual of Ayurveda Hand Cream. It quickly absorbs into your hands and instantly makes your hands feel so soft.


Oh yes! Why I carry this with me as I am ALWAYS skint, I do not know. I couldn't find the one i have online as I bought this in a local shop, however I found another similar looking purse over on ASOS.


This always depends on if I am wearing lipstick and what I am wearing that day, however I always leave a certain lipstick in my handbag incase I decide to wear some when I am out because you'll never know, or is that just me? I love Burts Bee's in the shade blush basin, it's so smooth to apply you forget you even have it on your lips.

Canon Powershot G7X

If you didn't know I have a Youtube channel, a main channel where I upload all things Beauty, Fashion and Lifestyle related videos and a vlog channel where I just film my day to day life, so I like to carry my camera with me most days so I can whip it out to vlog if I needed too.
That is all I carry in my massive handbag, not a lot but I like to leave a lot of room for when I go shopping, everything can just get thrown in my handbag then. What do you carry in your handbag?

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