30 Things To Do When You're At Home

things to do at home

When you're at home you think you're stuck in between those 4 walls with nothing to do, that's when you're wrong. I'm going to give you 30 things you can do when you are at home. Lets goooo...

1. Finish what you started on Netflix.

I've done it, you've done it where we would start a series on Netflix and start on something else. Get binge watching!

2. Start something new on Netflix.

The opposite to the first one, find a film or a series that everyone keeps raving about.

3. Read a book.

If you have never enjoyed reading, maybe find something that may interest you and read about it. You might surprise yourself and actually enjoy reading.

4. Take some 'me' time.

You're probably thinking you're doing a lot of that by being stuck indoors. I mean go and have a pamper, take a bath or apply a face/hair mask, actually take the time to chill out.

5. Get into baking.

I love baking, but if you're someone who has never done it, get baking and creating. Whatever you bake (if you've made it edible) you get to eat it, can it get any better than that. I find BBC Good Food really easy and helpful to follow along too with thousands of recipes.

6. Exercise

Indoor workouts can be so fun, whether you put a Youtube video on to exercise too or download a free app on your phone/tablet. Get your siblings or your parents to join in, it could actually be a whole load of fun, and you don't have to have equipment to do it, so I'm sorry, there is no excuse for you to say no.

7. Spring clean.

Yes, that's right, clean! Put on some good music and start to clean, not only does the job get done but it'll make you feel good knowing that you've chucked out stuff you haven't used before or in a while (means you can go shopping and buy new stuff with a place for it to live)

8. Tidy.

Boringggg, I know! Have you constantly put something off like your bedroom, because I have. Now's your chance to do it. Do it so that it doesn't make it tomorrow's job.

9. Play games.

The good old fashioned board games. Turn off the Xbox or PlayStation for the night and get the family involved.

10. Learn yoga.

You can find videos on Youtube, get other people involved or do it on your own, it can be very relaxing.

11. Finish unfinished jobs.

Got any jobs around the house that you never had time for? Well here is your chance to get them done. Whether that's painting your fence or changing a light bulb that you got too lazy to do.

12. Film night.

Get some snacks in, bring down your duvet, get comfy and just watch movies. When you've finished a movie go stick on another one.

13. Call a friend.

Nothing beats a good old chat with an old friend, go give them a call, a text or even video call them. It may make their day.

14. Learn a new dance.

You know how popular TikTok is, everyone is doing it. It's so fun, you can make it your own style, or just make it for yourself. Maybe put up a video on Youtube to dance along too

15. Listen to podcasts.

Find a podcast to listen too. I have been loving Unsolicited Advice, where Ashley (Youtuber) and her friend Taryne receive emails from people from all over the world asking for advice, whether it's about relationships, work, you name it. It's not professional advice but it's ways they can help, and they make it funny and enjoyable to listen along too. 

16. Start a Youtube channel.

Pretend you're on a cooking show or film about something you absolutely love. I love to film anything beauty, fashion and lifestyle related over on mine and I do weekly vlogs on another channel (When I find the time too) You do what you love otherwise it won't be enjoyable, or just make them for yourself to keep private. You don't have to have a camera either, you can film on your phone or laptop.

17. Sort through your purse/handbag.

Don't lie, do you just chuck receipts at the bottom of your bag and whatever else. Sort through what you don't need and whatever rubbish you may have. Who knows, you might find lots of change.

18. Clean out your wardrobe.

Got no more room for clothes? Chuck out any clothes that you haven't worn in 6+ months and give them to charity or anything with a tag still on you could also sell on ebay It's pointless them hanging up in there when they can go to a good home to be worn. Gives you a good reason to go clothes shopping.

19. Do some gardening.

Tidy up your garden and do some weeding, plant some new plants in your garden or seed something. 

20. Make a photo album.

Got a load of photos laying around, hidden in drawers? Collect them all together and put them in a photo album or make a family scrapbook.

21. Start a blog.

It's easier than you think. There and many free websites you can use such as wix, squarespace, wordpress or blogger (I use blogger and love it, very easy to use) and a few more you can search up in your web browser. You can then buy a theme (I buy mine off etsy) or use what they offer for free and well...get creating. You can write about absolutely anything. 

22. Take a nap.

Yep! Nothing that requires any movement or heavy lifting. Just simply take a nap.

23. Build a fort.

Bring out your inner child and bring down those blankets, cushions and duvets, set up some fairy lights if you'd like, get some snacks and get comfy, watch TV or set up Youtube, or just lay there and do nothing.

24. Organise.

This can be for absolutely anything, whether that's meal preparing for the week, your makeup brushes, your clothes, your draw that's full of sh!t, or if you're like my boyfriend...inside the car that needs doing!

25. Take an online class.

Ever wanted to learn something new? Why not do some research and look up online classes you can take.

26. Make a bucket list.

Write down places you've always wanted to go or things you've always wanted to do but never had the confidence to do give yourself something to tick off.

27. Have an indoor picnic.

Lay down your blanket and some cushions, make some sandwiches and a jug of Pimm's and you have yourself an indoor picnic (along with other snacks). Get those board games out like mentioned earlier and have fun.

28. Listen to an audio book.

If reading isn't for you, why not make yourself a cup of tea (or glass of wine) get comfy on the sofa and just put on one to listen too.

29. Play video games.

If you have finished your games, why not restart them and do it all over again. Play on your own or with friends online.

30. Play charades.

Fill a bowl with assignments and get your friends/family together for an hour of guessing, acting and loads of fun.

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