My Everyday Short Hair Routine

I had a few inches cut off my hair and oh my goodness it felt so good. A few inches doesn't sound like a lot but when you're constantly applying heat and box hair dyes to it, it really does feel different and make a difference. So I wanted to do a post about how I style my short hair from washing, to drying to styling. Lets gooo.

Washing the hair

I looove 'function of beauty.' You create your own shampoo and conditioner by filling in a quick five minute quiz, what scent you would like followed by colour of your products and there you have it, your very own shampoo and conditioner with your name on it (literally, you can put your name on it) My hair has never felt so soft and look so much better. I only need to wash my hair every 3-4 days, so these bottles last me a long long time.

Drying time

From roots to ends I spray ‘Soap and Glory Serum Spray’ and give a quick blow dry all over my hair until it's almost dry. I then brush my hair and start sectioning it, and with a big round brush I style my hair to add some volume.


My favourite part. This always depends on what mood I am in, sometimes I straighten it and other times I’ll create some waves and curls. I’ll show you both completed looks. My hair can hold curls in for 2-3 days, on a curly hair day, in the morning when getting ready I would brush my hair with a tangle teaser, and just curl some odd bits that look straight and not much needs doing to it at all, m hair then has a lot of volume, happy days!

When it comes to straightening, I will brush my hair with a tangle teaser, section my hair with a hair bobble as if I would tie a high messy bun, leaving a section out from the bottom each time, working my way up, straightening each section with a brush. And there you have it..straight hair.

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