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Mini Break To Amsterdam

I'm a month out on this post, but I thought what the heck, I'll post it anyways. Better late than never is what they say.

My boyfriend and I went on out first holiday together to Amsterdam, it was my first time going but his second, and I have to say..I had the best time. Apart from almost getting hit by a bike every 5 minutes, it was so beautiful out there.

We left on Tuesday 10th September, and came home on Friday 13th September, so we had 2 whole days and half of Friday to do what we wanted to do, which we fitted a lot in. Wednesday was a horrible day of just rain, so George said we'd do all the indoor stuff on that day, and the outdoor stuff we wanted to do would save for the nicer days, which sounded like a good idea to me, because Thursday and Friday was really warm and sunny.

Things we did (not in order):

- Went out for breakfast for pancakes, yum!
- Ate out at this really nice restaurant that over looked the water (George's fab idea)
- Heineken Tour
 - 3D glow in the dark crazy golf
- NEMO Science Museum
- Sky lounge (we had one drink, saw the view and left)
- Ice Bar (cold but fantastic experience)
- Red light district
- Sex Museum
- Went to a shopping mall

I've probably left some out but we did so much, I really want to go back.