5 Must Haves For Your Bag

Sunday, 15 July 2018

I swear every women's handbag is literally like a Mary Poppins bag. We pull so much out of our handbags, no wonder why we are so bloomin strong, hehe! On a serious note, I am going to share with you my top 5 must-haves for your handbag that you may need.

First off...travel sized perfume. I have a huge addiction to perfume where I like to be smelling nice throughout the whole day. This travel perfume is so handy and cute too. I got the Twist & Spritz in the colour rose gold. You fill it up with your favourite perfume that you are wearing for the day and pop it in your handbag for a little spritz throughout the day. Very handy indeed.

I am always forgetting stuff that I always have to write everything down. This little notebook is very handy. You just can't forget to pack a pen too, aha! This notebook has different paper sections that you write on and tear off. Click here to grab the notebook. I couldn't find the pink one I have so this is the one in blue.

Hand cream can actually be very handy...I promise that wasn't supposed to be a bad pun! I am always applying hand cream because my hands tend to get a little bit dry, especially after washing my hands. This one is my fave, smells sooo good and feels incredibly soft, hence why I carry it with me everywhere I go. I like the 'You Soft Touch' by Dirty Works.

Nudes! Nude lipstick literally goes with any makeup look. I love to keep this in my handbag when I fancy going a little extra with my makeup. It's a glittery soft pink nude shade and feels creamy on your lips. So comfortable to wear I tend to forget I have it on. It just adds a little colour to your lips and perfect if you want to keep things subtle too. It's Avon in the shade sparkling nude, I could only find it on ebay.

Lastly, shades. I always carry sunglasses in my handbag, because you never know when the sun is out. Even on those colder days that sun can be pretty blinding. I have a few pairs, cat eye, floral and sunnies that I bought when I was in Las Vegas. I like to keep the floral ones in my bag only because they tend to stay on my face by not falling off when I look down.

There are my 5 must haves that I always have to have in my handbag. What do you like to keep in your bag and whats something you can not leave the house without?

My Summer Outfit And Must Haves

Saturday, 14 July 2018

In the UK, it has been very hot these last few weeks. A Summer dress is a must have for those hot sweaty days. I thought why not share with you lovely people my fave outfit and my must haves for the Summer to get you through the hot days.

A Summer dress is always a must have. It keeps you cool, and you can always dress it up or dress it down. My fave is this yellow dress I got from Tesco, F&F. Unfortunately they don't have it in stock anymore, however I find a similar, difference being the back has a cut out and it doesn't have buttons going all the way down. Click here for the link.

Next up, a good Summer perfume. I love floral sweet scents when it comes to the Summer. I have been loving the Ariana Grande perfume. I got this for my 21st birthday last week but just click here for the link.

Bronzed Summer look. I am pale as anything, perks of being born ginger. I have recently been loving the Hourlgass Lighting Bronzer. Not too orange on the face and you can slowly build it up. Love love love!!

My ultimate favourite eyeshadow palette. I originally got this for Autumn, but because of the browns and the coppers blended in together, I thought this was just perfect for the Summer to complete that bronzed look. I like to put a dark brown in the crease, and then a golden shade all over the lid, with a champagne pink in the very corner blended in. I have been wearing this look everyday for Summer.

There are my must haves and my fave Summer outfit. Hope you have been enjoying the sun. I am not a fan but I like it on cooler days. I normally hide indoors. What's your favourite Summer outfit and must have?

How To Get Motivated In Life

Thursday, 12 July 2018

How to get motivated in life

Everyone has days where they are just not feeling motivated, you'd rather curl up in bed with Netflix or a book and a nice hot cuppa. We all have our reasons to why we just have a 'cba' day. For me it's been more days than usual. If you're in the same situation as I was, here is how I got more motivation and out of that slump.

I suffer with depression and anxiety. My depression over the last few months have gotten worse and I have been having days where I'd rather be in bed and shut myself away from the world. I've been having days where I just want to sit down with a tea and not talk to anyone, I would put on a fake smile for other people around me pretending I'm fine. Slowly I did things to motivate me so I could do more rather than waste my day sitting around.

Number one...socialize. 
When you feel like you can't be bothered, talking can be an effort. I found talking to my friends and meeting up with them really does help. As hard as it is to push yourself when you really can not be bothered. You'll be having a good old laugh and it'll lift your mood. My two closest friends who lives close to me are Ben and Emma. I absolutely love meeting up with Ben, going for walks and to weatherspoons for cake. It's a time where I can escape from reality and we just have the best laughs and chats.

My friend Emma comes over for a cuppa and a chit chat and is always there for me 100%. Lifts me up when I'm down and is always there to listen. We are there for each other and it's a nice feeling to know I have someone to turn too. We also have a really good laugh and I love our chats. I then have two other friends, who's also called Emma and the other, Queenie. I love to meet up for drinks and we have the best time ever. I laugh so much when I am with them both, so much I'm crying with laughter. You should keep your friends close because talking to people is key. Especially if you are feeling low. They really will lift your mood. If they don't, they are the wrong people to be around.

Set yourself a goal.
Even if it is a small one and break it down. You'll feel great once you've accomplished something. Mine was to be happy. I spent all my time making sure everyone else was happy, but as my friend Emma said, sometimes you just have to be selfish and do what you want to make YOU happy. Set yourself a goal so that you have something to focus on.

Music is a huge motivation as I feel it gets you pumped for the day. I tend to put it on when cleaning and tidying, or if I feel down I like to just put my headphones on and shut the world out for an hour. Maybe have a little dance around the house too, turn it up and annoy your neighbours...I didn't just tell you to do that though!

Watching funny videos or your favourite YouTubers can get you motivated. Watch videos that make you laugh just to get you into that good mood. When I struggle with motivation I like to watch Zoe and Mark funny moments because it really gets me in a good mood watching people who are just as crazy as me. If you're not sure who Zoe and Mark are, Zoe is well known as Zoella and Mark is Mark Ferris.

Time to yourself.
You're probably thinking how does this help? I find a good pamper and a little bit of self care really does help. My favourite is to put my oil diffuser on with lavender oil and sweet orange for a calming feel. I then like to put my bed side light on so it's not too bright in my room. Hot shower, clean pj's and clean bedding with a white hot choc really works for me. Puts me in the best possible mood for bed, Netflix goes on and I chill...that seriously wasn't supposed to sound like Netflix and chill but whatever... Sometimes putting yourself first and relaxing can help. Release the stress and whatever is running through in your brain and just switch off for half hour, focus on yourself.

Smiling is important.
If you smile more it can actually change your mood. I've tried it and it works. Try and have a good laugh, whether it's with family, friends....your annoying siblings. It can lift your mood and make you happy.

At the end of the day everyone is different and we all deal with things in our way. You've just got to remember you are beautiful, strong and you'll achieve your dreams. The right time will come. Unfortunately it doesn't happen overnight and you have to work hard for what you want. I have thoughts all the time where I just want to give up, give up with life, what I'm doing and I feel like I can't do this anymore, feeling like I'm a waste of space and that no one wants me. Always feeling like crap and tired, but it's mostly what you tell yourself in your head. I figured you need to tell yourself that you are strong and everything WILL get better. Just in it's own time, that you are worth everyone's time and that you really are wanted. Just don't let what you think stop you, you need to try and think positive, because it really does change the way you think and your attitude, giving you a little more motivation.

Stay amazing and true to yourself!