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Dating Disasters: Part 2

Here we go again... part 2 of my dating disasters. If you haven't read my first one yet, you best have a read on that one first. If so and you're all caught up, let's begin...

It started on the 23rd of September

I went on a first date with this guy, let's call him Austin. He was absolutely lovely, nothing to fault with him. He was a gentleman and we had such a laugh. I hopped on a bus and met him up the road from me and we went to a restaurant called 'Bills' for lunch. We had a laugh and we both had a good time. A few hours later we then went our separate ways and went back home.

September 24th

We saw each other again. I was supposed to go his end but I was feeling so rough from working 5am starts at work I asked if he fancied coming my way and we went to Wetherspoons for a few drinks instead. Again it was a lovely time, had such a laugh there was only one problem...

He traveled a bit for work. Not long before our first date he had come back from a trip and was about to go away again this time to America. Honestly, this isn't a deal breaker for me, however...the more we spoke the longer he was going to stay out in America. He asked if I wouldn't of minded waiting for him to come back home in December. The fact we went on two dates, I wasn't sure what to do. Until there would be moments when he would message me saying I never said goodnight to him and I didn't message him first. Instantly a red flag to me.

There were so many hours between us due to him being away plus I was working all sorts of hours. For me, it takes two and I'm not a chaser, If you want to talk to me, you can be the one to message me first, it shouldn't always be one-sided which was always down to me. That said a lot to me, if after two dates you expected me to be the one to message first all the time then no.

That soon fizzled out...

Let's meet Joseph...

We shall call this guy Joseph, the love bomber.
15th October was the first day we met. It was absolutely lovely, and I thought we had a connection. Apart from the fact when we first time we met, he gave me his jumper which stunk of cigarette smoke. I could see how sweet it was but I wasn't sure how to react. We also met a few times after that and he came to me and we went to Wetherspoons. Until I found him to be a bit obsessive and I felt like I had to say things he wanted to hear otherwise it would upset him.

There was a time I was so unwell, that I was incredibly run down from work which he knew about, and our date was the next day. The next day came around and I had work, and rather than waiting to hear from me he left 3 hours early and met me at my work so I had no choice but to meet him afterwards. 

We went to Wetherspoons for some drinks and I never felt so unwell. It was down to me to keep the conversation going, otherwise it would be dead silence from Joseph. This soon became pretty awkward. Eventually I said I needed to get home and to bed. He walked me home which I told him he really didn't need to but he insisted.

Again, with him, it was down to me to message first, or whenever we had a phone call it was silence unless I spoke first or asked a question. It became an effort and exhausting.

So much was said on his behalf that I still can't comprehend it all. So many 'I love you's' and 'you're the best thing to happen to me' the list can go on and on.

Then it became too much... he told me I saved him. He was going to kill himself until I came along. I felt myself going down a dark hole and my depression was taking over all over again. I took a huge step back and before I knew it I was telling him we couldn't can't see each other again. As of the jumper, he told me to chuck it. So much for it being his favourite jumper as well.

And there we have it. 2 disaster dates of 2023. 
Let's see what 2024 brings!