Trip Away To Thorpe Park

Thorpe Park

Believe it or not, I had never been to Thorpe Park. My boyfriend, George and I decided to book a overnight stay at the park last week and we had the BEST time ever! My smile was from ear to ear, most of the time. The other time I was screaming, petrified of the high, fast rides.

We managed to get a really good price on Thorpe Park's website, overnight stay in the park, breakfast the next day and 2 days in the park for £179 for both of us, yes please!

You wasn't allowed to bring your phone or film on the rides, which made sense because otherwise you'd most likely drop it and goodbye valuables. So I filmed what I could with my iphone, so the quality wasn't amazing compared to filming on my canon g7x, but it's not a big deal. I got footage and that was plenty enough.

You had to wear face masks on the rides, nearly every ride had distancing, everything got wiped over clean and with everyone else wearing masks you felt safe enough. There were also sanitizing stations everywhere which was brilliant.

The extra bonus for us was that we didn't realise we were going during the Oktoberfest, so they had a really good beer that George and I enjoyed called Spaten. 

There's not really much to say, I think the vlog pretty much says it all.

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