My Hair Care Routine - For Dry, Damaged Hair

Hair care routine

My hair colour changes all the time. It's been blue, bleached, pink, had hair colour remover, bleached, ginger, red. The list can go on, especially with bleaching reappearing more than once on the list. So as you can imagine, my hair is pretty dry and fried. I am very surprised I still have hair on my head.

My hair is currently brown with bleached highlights and have always coloured my hair with box dyes, as I can never afford salon prices, especially with my mind changing like the wind all the time on what colour to have it next. However the amount of compliments I have on my hair of how thick and soft it is, and how healthy it looks, so I thought why not share with you my complete hair guide.

This routine works for me, I have very thick hair and gets knotted very easily. So these products may work for you, or may not. Everybody's hair is different.

dry, damaged hair care routine


- Wash hair every 3-4 days
- Hair conditioning mask once a week
- Wash hair twice with shampoo, once with conditioner going on ends of hair only
- When conditioner is in hair, brush with a tangle teaser


- Pat dry with towel, never rub
- Spray in heat protector
- Comb hair using wide tooth comb or brush using a tangle teaser
- Leave to air dry
- Only use hair dryer if needed


- Use straighteners to either straighten or curl when needed (Mines for work)
- Once styled, rub oil in your hands and apply to the ends of the hair only (oil in the root with weigh down your hair)


- Spray dry shampoo in root area, after 5 minutes brush through 


Maui Hair Mask
Hair Serum
Dry Shampoo

I try and use as little heat as I can, and only when I need too as my hair is too short and layered to put up into a ponytail, usually I put it up into a half up half down if I can not be bothered to style it.

Every 6-8 weeks I cut my own hair. I wouldn't recommend this for anyone, however I am a qualified hairdresser so I know what to do when it comes to doing it myself. Regular trims keeps then split ends away, resulting in healthier hair.

Also, make sure to use heat protector as much as you can if you do use a lot of heat. 


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