Episode 1 - Getting To Know Kat & Dating Disasters

Tuesday, 2 June 2020

Hey there, I finally have my first episode up on my podcast on Spotify, how exciting.
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Hey there, welcome to my first episode on You, Me And The Tea. I am so excited!
I wanted to start a podcast for a couple of years but  didn't really have the confidence, but here I am, finally with a podcast.

My podcast is all about spilling the tea. Any advice you would like given, fun stories to some lifestyle tips. You can send in absolutely anything to youmeandtheteapodcast@gmail.com, that's youmeandtheteapodcast@gmail.com.


I wanted to start off by telling you one of my stories. I have a Youtube channel and a blog where I post all things beauty, fashion and lifestyle. I was looking at what blog post was more popular and it was my 'Dating Disasters.' I'm not going to read out word from word but just enough of what you need to hear because it is quite a lengthy post but I'm really excited to share it with you.


I was looking to see when I uploaded my post and I can't believe it was back in Decemeber 2018, time flies by and you just don't realise it. Okay, lets begin with this story.

I thought it was a great idea to sign up to the dating app, tinder. If you haven't heard of it, it's where you swipe left or right. I think that explains it all, however I didn't know the app was used more for hooking up. I started talking to this guy for a little while, I can't remember how long we were talking to each other for, but I think that lasted 3 weeks. So here's the story, lets call him Bob.
Why did I chose Bob? Like come on, out of all the names in the world I chose Bob.

Okay, a few dates with Bob.
We were talking on tinder, and I remember Bob telling me he was after sex. Reading this is quite funny because I kinda remember and I kinda don't because I feel like it was quite a while ago now, anyways...
I made it very clear to him I wasn't that sort of gal who slept around and that he was wasting his time talking to me. He insisted he wanted to get to know me, so we carried on talking. He could only dedicate literally 5 minutes of his day to me over text. Why I made the effort with him I do not know.

That really did annoy me when I sent him a text and he would just like send me a couple of messages in a day or at night and that would be the end of it.like, what was the point.

I lied to my parents but told my Aunt my plans to meeting this guy. I told my parents I was going out with some girlfriends up the road clubbing, when really I was getting the train to go to London Liverpool Street to meet Bob. I live in a small town so going to London took me about an hour in total to get there. I was crazy...I know. He didn't live in London, he worked there so it was easier for him if I went up and met him there.

Unfortunately I don't remember much about the dates we went on, but he seemed to be an okay guy. He came across to be a gentlemen, but then again they always do. That's one thing I have learnt with this whole experience, don't be fooled. Anyways, on one date we ate at this pizza place, and I asked him to cut my pizza for me because I was worried I was going to make a complete tit of myself. I am very clumsy so I was worried my pizza would fly off my plate or something if I was to do it myself.

Why, sorry why did I ask my date to cut my pizza. Oh please touch my food and cut my pizza. I am really crazy. Okay...

My Aunt thought my Mum knew about the date and told her everything. I was in a lot of trouble for lying to my parents, but after a few days... or more, it all settled down.

On another date I was perfectly happy with going to McDonald's but he wouldn't have it. He wanted to go somewhere nice, so we went to a fish & chip restaurant and it was so lovely. Can I just quickly say, the reason why I said I was happy with just a McDonald's is because we could not decide on where to eat so that's why I said I was happy with a McDonald's. Where am I on this story?

Oh yes, so the fish and chip restaurant was very retro looking.
At the end of the meal we got up to leave. Ohhh, I remember now, and I tried to 'open' the door to get out, thinking it was rather heavy to open. As I'm struggling getting no help from Bob, I then see a couple walk in right next to me...turned out the door was already open. It was wedged open and I looked like a complete idiot. I laughed because I found it rather amusing. Bob however didn't look so happy and I never felt so embarrassed.

I don't know if that bit made any sense but like I just said the door was wedged open and I tried to unwedge it thinking that the door was shut, because the door did open up really wide, so i generally looked like the door was kinda half open or put too, and i just thought it was a really heavy door.

3 dates later and he messages me...

He said he was getting impatient. So in other words he wanted sex and I told him how it was. He either waited or he can walk away. He decided to walk away. I was devastated and wanted to blame myself. I felt as if I wasn't good enough, but my friends reminded me it wasn't me, it was him.

A month later...

I then started talking to this other guy, I'm going to call him Jeff. Oh, Kat! Great picking out names here, god help me if I ever have children. Oh this is Bob and this is Jeff. Not like there's anything wrong with those names but you know there's so many good names out there, anyways...

I'm going to call him Jeff. He was so lovely, a few years older than me, we spoke every day and had so much banter over text. He drove and very kindly met up with me just up the road from me each time we had a date. I thought he was a gent, and I laughed so much when we spoke. We dated for a month and our birthdays were just days apart.

On our first date we went to a restaurant where I just had salad, I think it was a Caribbean restaurant, I'm not very adventurous when it comes to food. I was so so nervous I didn't know what to talk about.In fact I was more worried I was going to have green stuck in my teeth.

Girl! This is a problem I have all the time. This morning I had seeded bread, you know, I always eat seeded bread and I always get seed stuck in my teeth, it is so frustrating and I can't get it out. So, yeah.Why did I pick a salad in a Caribbean restaurant when I knew that green gets stuck in my teeth, I didn't really think of it at the time when I was writing this out I thought, oh yeah the guys are the problem or were the problem, but the more I'm reading it it sounds like I wasn't the greatest date.

On another date we went to the cinema to watch the new Jurassic World. I remember stupidly swirling my straw in my coke glass as if I would with a vodka and coke, it fizzed up and went all down me. Embarrassing!! I tried to laugh it off. I told you I'm very clumsy. Nope, I'm just stupid.

A third date I took the train up to him, and we went to Weatherspoons for a few drinks. Weatherspoons is a chain pub, cheap enough too, which is why it's my favourite.
That was pretty chilled but for some reason I was still so nervous. I really liked him and I didn't want to make a fool out of myself, when actually I was doing a good job at that. I remember embarrassing myself by drinking my strongbow, you know those tall strongbow glasses. I was agreeing to whatever it was he was saying whilst drinking and made this weird noise in the glass, I laughed and kinda spat my drink back into the glass. So the drink went in my mouth and flowed back out and he saw it all!

Another date we went to a bar where they opened up a dance floor later on in the night, that was pretty cool. We didn't do that may I add, we went for food instead. He knew about my social anxiety so he asked if I was alright where we were, so that was nice of him before we moved on to grabbing some pizza to finish the evening.

Our last and final date...
He took me just down the road from me to sit by the water with a flask of tea. We both loved tea so I was happy. I say loved as if I used to love it, and now I don't but no, I really do love tea.

We were chatting for an hour, the time flew by, but it was chilled and a lovely, warm evening. That's when it all went wrong...

I saw his phone light up, and a tinder message appear on his phone. He quickly grabbed his phone, read the message and put his phone back down on the bench table we were sat at, with the screen facing down. About 10 minutes later he then comes out with...
"I think we should be friends"

I'm not kidding you, he was coming out with a million excuses to why. I felt like I was stabbed in the heart. First it was the distance thing, he only lived up the road. Then it was, he wanted to focus on work and trying to build his own business. I can't remember the rest of the excuses, but there were loads.
He drove me home that evening and I ran upstairs and phoned my best mate, Ben and cried.

You can read the full post or story on my blog.


I'm quite glad that I wrote that down in a blog post, because reading that out again it does bring back those memories, and some of those dates I had forgotten about. Not like you would want to remember your dates but you know when something funny happens. It was just nice to go, oh yeah! I remember that happening, I forgotten all about that. I'm interested to see if you have any dating disasters yourself because at the end of the day all you can do is just laugh about it. So if you do, send them in to me at youmeandtheteapodcast@gmail.com.

So there's a little bit about me. Go and check out my blog, it has all my socials on there. My Instagram, my Facebook page. It has everything on there so go check that out. You can sit down, read my posts and hopefully enjoy them. I have so many posts on there. And I think that's it for this first episode. I wanted to make it quite short, quite sweet, just enough for you to get to know me a little bit. And I think what you've found out me today is that I'm clumsy and not the best date.

Anyways, thank you so much for listening, go give this podcast a follow so that you don't miss next weeks episode. Same place, same time. And I hope you have a fantastic day, bye.


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