New Year Goals for 2020

New Year Goals

Heyyyy, Happy New Year! Hope you all had a lovely Christmas.

I’m not this person who does New Years resolutions, because I never stick to them and it’s always...give up chocolate. I can’t live without it, so instead I set goals for the whole year to complete, so I thought why not share with you my new year goals for 2020.

I am so bad at keeping on top of things. I always tell myself "Oh, just did it tomorrow" and it never happens. My goal for the year is to upload blog posts every Monday and stick to my schedule.

Yesterday I have started a new Youtube channel where I vlog every week and upload every Sunday. Instead of vlogging in a day, I'll be vlogging throughout the week, so I would love to keep up the motivation (even though it's something I love doing) and keep to it, as well as upload to my main channel too. If you are interested in checking these channels out, click here for my main channel, and click here for my vlog channel.
My last and only driving lesson I had was 2 years ago now. I didn't have the best first lesson and it put me off. It's about time I redo them. I am 22 and I can't keep relying on my family or my boyfriend to keep coming to pick me up and drop me home again when we see each other. So this year I am going to save for lessons.

I didn't do so good in school or college when it comes to my Math and English grades. I am so bad at Math however I was a few marks off from getting the grade I wanted in English. I'm not looking at changing my job any time soon, but I have applied for apprenticeships in the past and my grades didn't reach their expectation. It's frustrating and upsetting, so I want to work hard this year to get the grades I need.

What's your New Year goals? Have you just got one or have you got a list like mine?

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