Hangover Essentials

So...you've come to this post for a reason! You're hungover and you need to know how to look and feel more human, am I right? Well you have come to the right place. I have been there many times myself and turned up to work still drunk. How did I cope...I do not know.

It's the morning...

You wake up and your hair is sticking up on end, you have panda eyes and your head is pounding, are you going to sit there and start feeling sorry for yourself? Hell no, get up and go and have a hot shower, wash away last nights makeup and wash that stinking hair. Find yourself a good smelling shower scrub, the nearest shampoo and conditioner you can find and a face wash or soap that'll do the job.

Great...you now smell squeaky clean, whats next?

Go get yourself a pint of water and painkillers, this will really help with your headache. Ditch the coffee until you start to feel hydrated again. I know I know, no coffee just yet. My favourite hangover breakfast is a bacon and egg sarnie, not too big to eat and does just the trick. It sounds like effort to do but so worth it. The clearing up can wait for the next day.

So you're starting to wake up now...

Great!! You probably still feel like crap, tough luck..that's a hangover for ya! Next step is to do your makeup, at least you'll look better than you feel.

My makeup essentials include:
- Moisturiser
- Primer
- Foundation
- Full coverage concealer (Plenty for those dark circles)
- Liquid liner
- Mascara
- Bronzer (Loads of it)
- Eyebrow pencil
- Translucent powder (Don't want those panda eyes again)
- Nude/red lip (Depending on how daring you're feeling)

It's time to head out and socialise...If you need too

Go grab those sunglasses, the light will burn and you need to protect yourself. Okay seriously though, sunglasses will help you out, the light will be a little sensitive, especially if you still have that headache or if your concealer just isn't enough.

If you're going to work and is going to be doing a lot of walking, definitely wear comfortable flat shoes. Those heels can stay in the wardrobe today, unless you want to break a leg on your walk you ought to think twice about what you're going to wear on your feet. Today isn't the day to look extra stylish, I'm sorry.

It's finally home time or you have been at home all day (lucky you)...

You can finally get your comfortable pj's on, those extra soft slippers and just lay under a duvet with netflix and a hot cuppa, and you are pretty much sorted for the day/evening. Make sure to stay on top of drinking (no alcohol, we don't need a round 2) and your food, and you'll feel just fine. Wash off that makeup, maybe have a hot bath/shower before burying your head under that duvet and you'll be feeling almost human again.

That is pretty much it for my hangover essentials, the basic run down anyways. Hope this has helped in a way, and happy drinking!!

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