Ways To Get A Better Nights Sleep

There is nothing worse than waking up for a long day ahead of you feeling unrefreshed, tired and grumpy. We've all been there and it's not pretty, especially those bags under the eyes. So, you've visited this page for a reason...you want a better nights sleep. Don't we all.

No Technology

I know I know, trying not to use your phone or wanting to watch your next favourite Netflix episode is so so hard, I get that, but you need to put it down. I find you will never be able to relax and get a proper nights sleep. Put it down, put it away, there's always tomorrow. Instead read a book or put on some chilled music before bed.

Fresh Bed Sheets

This is my favourite, jumping into a clean bed is heaven. It just feels so good and it's very comfortable. I don't mean change your bed everyday, but if you're finding it difficult to fall asleep, change your sheets. I then get cheeky and put on my electric blanket, now that's true heaven!!

Oil Diffuser

This can be so relaxing and calming. The one I have has mood changing lights on it, but I turn this off when I go to sleep, and when it pumps out it sounds like a water stream which is so calming. I like to use Lavender in mine and I wake up feeling so much more refreshed, they are cheap enough to buy if you have a search online.


Getting your body into that routine will help you fall asleep easier. I'm not saying it'll happen over night, but going to bed and waking up at a certain time will get your body into it's routine. I would go to bed at 2am then wake up at 10am, then I'd do it again then again, going to bed later each time and my body got into this awful routine where I never felt refreshed, I was always tired and I was very grumpy, not a nice combo.

No Caffeine

Not gunna lie, this is hard. I love my tea and coffee way too much, however it really isn't the best thing to drink right before bed. Caffeine can have a disruptive effect on your sleep and can delay the timing of your body clock which will then reduce your total sleep time. Instead switch to a hot milky drink, herbal teas or even a glass of water.

What helps you get to sleep every night?

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