Keepin' Hair Fresh Between Washes

Monday, 16 April 2018

Do you find washing and drying your hair a chore? Because I certainly do. My hair is extremely thick and where I am growing it out too it takes twice as long as it used to. Last night it took me half an hour to dry where it used to take me 10-15 mins, I also have to wash my hair twice as one shampoo just isn't enough. Talk about arm workout for ya!

So I now try and leave my hair as long as possible, and only wash twice a week, three times if my hair really looks that bad. So here is how I keep my hair full of volume, looking clean and fresh for the week.

I firstly brush my hair to make sure all the knots are out, and I section off my hair ready to straighten. I only straighten my hair because in the evening I like to do a half up half down bun on my head so it leaves a nice kink in my hair when I take it down, and also I like to go over it quickly just so it looks slightly better that what it did when I had first woken up in the morning.

Once my hair has been straightened, I then brush my hair into the way I would like to wear my hair for that day. For me it's a side parting. Then I use my ultimate fave, Batiste Dry Shampoo, Original which smells so clean and fresh, at my roots and rub that in with my fingers to make sure there are no white patches on my hair. 

Dry shampoo is literally my best friend. I use this method on a day that my hair looks like it could do with a freshen up. I then just play with my fingers until I am happy with the way my hair looks for the day. Here's a picture of me on third day hair using this method, only difference being I curled my hair instead of straightening it...

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